Behind The Colorful Flower Fields of Ha Giang Stone Plateau

Nga Do
Ha Giang is a popular tourist destination in northern Vietnam. Ha Giang owns the loving and pure beauty as the ethnic ladies by not only the mighty landscapes and winding roads but also the nice and large flower fields.
In recent years, buckwheat flowers gradually became a trademark of Ha Giang province. It is thanks to the fragile purple flowers that throughout the high plateau as suddenly a new life. In the middle of the cold days, this land of paint is more bustling with thousands of visitors to the famous places such as Meo Vac, Lung Cu, Dong Van ... However, not many people know, behind these charming flower fields is the strenuous, hard of Ha Giang people.

On the way to visit Lung Cu flagpole, we are not overwhelmed by the buckwheat flower field is planted on many hills in succession. Asked to know, all is the result of the hard work of planting nearly a dozen households living along the foot of the mountain. Ms Sỉn Thị Xuyến, ethnic Lo Lo, owns a hilly buckwheat flower planted here said: "This year is the first time we have planted this flower according to the movement of the government. However, the cost to care for flowers pretty much, this flower is so tired".

According to Ms Xuyen, in order to have a hill beautiful flower hatch at the peak of tourist season in Ha Giang (October), starting in August, her family had to collect water, make land, prepare seedlings for sowing. When the seeds are sown and developed into small green sprouts, the whole family has to take care of each morning, fertilizing each and every day, watering.

"The buckwheat flower are easy to plant but they are fragile, when heavy rain not timely drainage, it is easy to break. Too sunny is not watered, then withered", Ms Xuyen said.

According to her, labor and money to buy fertilizer so much that she can not remember. "Every time to buy a little, every care a little so do not remember, but tired because this flower".

Thus, to have such a beautiful field of flowers has consumed a lot of labor of the people. Seeing the smile of tourists every time to see the flower is a great spiritual gift, is a great motivation for the people of this plateau to continue to contribute.

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