Ha Giang Food Guide: Ấu Tẩu Porridge - The Most Unique Delicacies in Ha Giang

Nga Do
Ha Giang is known for its breathtaking nature beauties and unique ethnic tradition of which Dong Van karst plateau geopark and Ma Pi Leng pass are considered as highlights destinations where you can find a beautiful connection between nature and humans. And Ha Giang food is distinct and unforgettable. Because of its geographical location, Ha Giang has its own highland characteristics that you won’t find anywhere else. Especially Au Tau porridge - the most unique delicacies in Ha Giang.

In Ha Giang, there have many unique dishes that visitors cannot forget. Bitter porridge or “au tau” porridge is special dish. Tourists can enjoy all flavors in a bowl of porridge: flavors of “au tau”, leaf spices… Bowl of “au tau” porridge looks very attractive by the harmony between rice, herbs, meat… Cooking “au tau” porridge is not simple. “Au tau” after washing in the water, it is stewed during 4 hours. Glutinous rice mixed with some rice then soak into stewed water of pig’s trotters and “au tau”. Add a little spice. The porridge has bitter taste so that people call bitter porridge.

The cold weather in that province helps people create this porridge which help them keep warm. Au tau porridge has a little bit of bitter taste but this also its attractive taste.

Many people come to Ha Giang, if they have been enjoying once they will seek to eat again. “Au tau” porridge is not only the normal dish but also a tonic medicine to cure sick. Bitter porridge in Ha Giang has had all time in the year, but it sold only at night. In the winter, sitting in a warm space and enjoying the “au tau” porridge is exciting and suitable for people who love exploring new things.

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