The Ideal Place To See The Buckwheat Flower in Ha Giang

Nga Do
Ha Giang is not only attractive to young people who love moving with its winding roads, stone fences or soil-wall houses but also with colorful flowers, white plum blossom, peach blossoms, yellow cauliflower... and especially buckwheat flowers.

For a perfect trip to see the perfect buckwheat flower, we suggestion for you some ideal destination in Ha Giang for to see buckwheat flowers.

1. Sung La Valley

Sung La valley is considered the most beautiful triangle flower viewing place in Ha Giang. With gorgeous flower fields. Especially, when you come to Sung La, you also have the opportunity to stop and visit the house that was filmed in the movie "House of Pao" or participate in the Sung La market on the bustling Sunday morning with Mong people, Lo Lo.

2. Pho Bang

This is an ancient house of Chinese people, where the buckwheat fields begin to hatch. Famous for the rose garden planted in the valley, you can stop at the guesthouse in Pho Bang.

3. Lung Cu

About 20km from the H'mong King place, Lung Cu - the headland of the Fatherland. On the way to Lung Cu, there are many buckwheat flower field, you can enjoy the look and take photos with triangle flowers.

4. Lung Tao

The buckwheat flower in Lung Tao is scattered on the hillside, but to see the beautiful flower valley you have to climb very high. In Lung Taoyou can admire the mountain ranges in Ma Le beautiful.

5. Pho Cao

This place, there are a few flower fields lying deep inside, near the cliffs.

In addition to the ideal place to see the buckwheat flower in Ha Giang, buckwheat flowers are often located along the 4C National Highway in Dong Van District, Lung Cam Cultural Village, Ma Pí Leng Junction, Sam Pun, Meo Vac, along the road from Xin Man to Hoang Su Phi, stretching along the road, Ma Lau village, Ma Le commune ... You may be interested in: Specialties in Ha Giang.

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