All you need to know before traveling to Ha Giang during buckwheat flower season

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Ha Giang has specific beauty and attractions in any seasons and any months of the year. If you are flower-lovers, the period from October to December will be the best choice because this is the time for blooming Tam Giac Mach flowers. The alluring and irresistible sight of purple pink petals will certainly make you fascinated. This will be your all-you-need-to-know before traveling to Ha Giang during buckwheat flower season!

What are Buckwheat flower?

They say that buckwheat blossoms, or “chez” as known by the H’mong (a local hill tribe of the North), are the specialty of the northernmost land, because every year, just when the first monsoon starts blowing, these tiny white flowers simultaneously flourish, flooding the whole rocky plateau. Carrying a legend that not everyone knows, buckwheat flowers adorn what we in Vietnam call “cat ear-shaped” stones with warm incarnadine, inviting the nomads to discover such captivating beauty.

There are two types of buckwheat flowers. In areas of Cao Bang, you can find the white type. Meanwhile, in Ha Giang, people often plant the purple buckwheat flower. Simple but loveable, modest but charming, buckwheat is harmonious with the green color of the forest and the grey color of the mountains which altogether creates an endless source of inspiration for art enthusiasts. But the most profound and beautiful feature of the flower is its meaning – slender in shape but full of energy and beauty, always overcoming the fierce challenges of nature. As autumn reaches its end, the flowers become more splendid and attractive. With time, they will start to change color from white to purple pink, and finally dark red.

Every year, around October and November, there is a buckwheat flower festival in Ha Giang, which features art performances and displays of buckwheat flower products (such as buckwheat flower bouquets, buckwheat flower cakes and other dishes, buckwheat flower paintings and art, buckwheat flower tea, etc) in order to celebrate the blossoming of these iconic flowers in Dong Van District in Ha Giang Province. This annual festival has been bewitching flower lovers, couples as well as photography enthusiasts year after year.

The best time to look for buckwheat flowers bloom

If you set foot in Ha Giang at the end of autumn (September to November) and even December, you will have a chance to experience the magic of the dreamy pink buckwheat fields stretching across the hills. The Dong Van Highland, blooms with buckwheat flowers during November and December, over hundreds of miles of mountainside, across villages and fields, passing through the legendary Ma Pi Leng saddle, creating a plateau of pink color. However, the buckwheat season in Ha Giang lasts from the beginning of October until the end of December. Please make sure that you have researched thoroughly before going.

Uses of Buckwheat Flower

Buckwheat is often considered as a tasty and healthier alternative to wheat. When harvested, the crops can be ground into flour and many parts of the world do this, such as India, Japan and Korea. Rice, porridge, noodles, breads, pancakes, cookies, cakes, can all be made from buckwheat flour. The young buckwheat flower stem can also be boiled and used as vegetables, or it can be cooked with wine and corn to brew a very unique type of wine. It also has medicinal benefits and is sometimes used as trunk for cattle feed.

The flowers of the buckwheat plant have a pleasant fragrance and tastes quite malty and earthy. The flowers are used for manufacturing a dark brown-colored honey that is quite strong in flavor.

The best place to watch buckwheat in Ha Giang

Lung Cam Cultural Village (Sung La-Dong Van Valley): This is where the most number of flowers are. It is also the best place to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of buckwheat flowers. In addition, Sung La also has the house of Pao and many fascinating rose gardens.

The field under the Lung Cu Flagpole: At the foot of Lung Cu flagpole you can find many buckwheat flowers. The flowers are grown in extremely eye-catching terraced fields giving tourists the most unforgettable scene of their life.

Pho Bang village: Known for their quaint, houses, built in the old-fashioned Chinese style. The terrace of flowers next to the houses gives them what a painter would say “a soft touch of brush” in the painting of the harsh nature.

Trust me, it could be your biggest regret to miss a chance to watch one of the most romantic spectacles of the year. Come to Ha Giang, embrace the beautiful white and pink gowns of buckwheat flowers and let your soul free. Let us know when you fall in love with the place.

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