What You Don't Know About The Ha Giang Stone Plateau?

Nga Do
Dong Van stone plateau is a rocky plateau spread over four districts of Quan Ba , Yen Minh, Dong Van , Meo Vac , Ha Giang province , Vietnam . October 3, 2010 , records ” Geoparks Dong Van Plateau ” has been Advisory Council Network Global Geoparks ( GGN ) of UNESCO officially recognized as a global geopark .  This is the only title in Vietnam and second in Southeast Asia.

Located in the northern province of Ha Giang, the Dong Van Stone Plateau is imposingly situated at an average altitude of over 1,400 metres above sea level. Through investigations and studies, scientists have proved that the Dong Van Stone Plateau preserves many hallmarks of the history of complex and long-lasting geological development of the Earth's crust.

Enjoy gigantic hills and fabulous scenery at Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, a diverse and endemic geological system and the first geological park in Vietnam. Snaking rivers, terraced fields and green slopes are part of this unique combination of geomorphological formations. Read the history of the Earth from a giant open book, plateau’s special limestone areas of which 80 percent is formed by different development stages of nature. Providing shelter to many endemic plants and rare animals, the park preserves geo heritage of the world, dating from some 550 million years and including vast number of fossils.

Ha Giang is famous for fair highland ethnic minorities. One of the unique fairs is fair in Dong Van, where the exchange, the largest goods trading in the plateau of Dong Van – Meo Vac. This fair has attracted tourists to visit and explore.

Fair on Dong Van Plateau is not meeting every day. Many places fairs take place on Saturday or Sunday as the central market in the districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac. But in some places, the fair is a meeting on the date of the iconic animals, such as street fairs Admin Commune, Dong Van District meet on Dragon Day, Dog Day; Day Horse, Rat Day, have fair commune “Pho Bang”, Dong Van District. Also, there is 6 meeting market day session, on the Plateau people often call it “fair backward.”

Mountainous fair in Ha Giang bring a unique cultural space and the particular character of the different ethnic groups have been brought to market her children. 17 ethnic compatriots currently living on the Plateau has created a unique beauty of the highlands where markets.

On days when there is fair, right from when he was dawn, the streets steep rocky cliff has crowded the footsteps of fellow nations was walking down the market. The girl Mong, Lo Lo, Bo Y, Nung … from the pulse loose on their remote village in traditional costume Brocade’s creates shimmering colors and joyful atmosphere of the fair. To the market, each one would take with you cow, or horse-drawn, the bearer clouds or the specialties of their people. In particular, there are people left armpit stolen a pig black market or chicken … Unlike the plains and in the mountains road travel extremely difficult, sparsely populated, so each market session session becomes, even more, crowded and is a festival of the people of the nation.

Come to Ha Giang mountainous fair, visitors not only impressed with brocade outfits featured the boys, girls ethnic minorities. Not only beautiful on the dresses, but they also put a lot of very beautiful jewelry made of silver. On the face always smiles brightly, inviting shoppers a very sincere openness. At each fair highland, unobtrusive picky but instead is the bold simplicity of ethnic minorities. What each product, produce of local farmers bring to market is always sold in the crystallization of labor, diligence suffered hard of upland people.

Come to the fair highland Dong Van Plateau on, not only learn excellent manners and customs of ethnic minorities, but every tourist can enjoy rustic dishes regional cuisine here. If the plains proud of noodles, the ethnic minority highland proud of “Thang Co”. Colder, try to “Thang Co” food tastier, the more warm bowl of corn liquor with mountains surely will not forget.

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