Discover The Charm Of The Dong Van Plateau

Nga Do
Located over 1,000 meters above sea level, Dong Van Stone Plateau is formed by narrow valleys alternating with rocky mountain ranges in the north of Vietnam. The plateau is a must-see destination for tourists in the northeastern province of Ha Giang. 

The plateau was recognized by UNESCO in October 2010 as one of just 77 geological parks in the world and second in Southeast Asia after the Langkawi Geological Park in Malaysia. 

Over 80% of the surface is covered with limestone and it has a high concentration of rocky peaks sitting over 2,000m above sea level. The rock of Dong Van is said to contain fossils from 400 million-600 million years ago. The park spreads over the districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh and Quan Ba, on a total area of 2,300 square kilometers. At the center of the Rock Plateau is Dong Van Town, located 150 kilometers from the center of Ha Giang Province.

According to preliminary statistics, this area has hundreds of expressions of geologic heritages: archaeological sites, geological strata, geomorphology, structure-tectonics, karst, stone, ancient environment … Their geological variety and good preservation capacity in the natural conditions of the region has brought about great values and potential for tourism development, geological research and education. The great potential of natural resources, especially geological heritages, along with the values of the Dong Van Stone Plateau region’s humanity heritage not only fully meet criteria for developing a geological park but more importantly it will become a symbol of tourism and cultural and natural heritages of Ha Giang in general and four highland districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Yen Minh and Quan Ba in particular.

The nature is harsh but also gentle and mild when it shapes the mountains and water of Dong Van, the land bearing a part of the ancient ocean and now on the path of innovation. During the national construction, Ha Giang in general and ethnic people in the stone plateau in particular have joined efforts to build a new position for themselves. That position has been implicitly originated from the values that the air, land and water have created for a plateau with over 80 percent of area being limestone. Despite little land and water, when the season comes, we see an immense green of corn, rice, beans and fruits. That green is made by the hard-working of ethnic people, which helps them to harmonise with life here. The heaven, earth and people seem to be mixed, together making the stone plateau more beautiful and grandiose.

The Dong Van Stone Plateau is not of anyone but is a common asset of the whole nation and humankind. Air, land and water have created a grandiose stone plateau, people have left on this land a cultural stratum. And perhaps coming to Ha Giang with the Dong Van Stone Plateau, we just see all these values.

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