Cao Bang Sour Noodle Soup Captivates Diners

Nga Do
The sour Phở of Cao Bang is definitely held the limelight spot of Cao Bang culinary. One of the best dishes in Vietnam, Cao Bang Phở is a cool, flavorfully abundant and it is suitable to eat during autumn or summer. Used to be served in special events, the sour Phở is now served as breakfast. Sour noodle with spicy ingredients such as crispy fried bacon, crispy fried potatoes (friable and sweet only in Bac Kan and Cao Bang), sliced ​​pork liver, fried pig stomach, roasted duck marinated in spices and particularly indispensable taste of a special leave.

Cao Bang rice noodle is tastier than anywhere else because it is made from Cao Bang sweet rice. In addition to the above ingredients, sour soup is also served with peanuts, herbs, basil, smell, and sliced ​​cucumber.

The secret of this dish lies in the soup. Garlic and onion is fried then put into the sauce from the roasted duck with sugar, fish sauce, vinegar, and then cook until you have a constant soup. Depending on each person’s taste, it can be added spices such as chilli, pepper.

Cao Bang Sour Noodle Soup has a succulent taste of roasted duck, sour taste of vinegar mixed with peanut, potato, liver, fried pork and fragrant leaves, sweet rice noodles and spicy taste of chili. All the flavors blend well together to awaken any food-lover’s senses. Sour noodle dish is favored in cool weather days.

The dish is often used in weddings and traditional events. But now it has appeared in many restaurants or food stalls in the market of Cao Bang.  You will definitely not forget this delicious soup from the first time trying.

If you have a chance to travel to Cao Bang and explore the natural grandeur of Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave and Pac Bo historical relics; when returning to the city of Cao Bang, you should visit the Green Market (near the bus station) to enjoy Cao Bang sour noodle soup that nowhere else can serve.

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