The Best Souvenirs in Vietnam

Nga Do
Vietnam is an interesting oriental country with mixed culture but still keeping its distinctive features. Then what is an easiest way to access to the local and of course to pick some interesting stuffs for your loved ones than going shopping. Here are some most exclusive items you can take back home from Vietnam.
Apart from the joy of discovering a new culture, taking photos and tasting the exotic flavors of Vietnam, shopping might bring you more opportunities to get in touch with local habits.

A shopping tour is usually the last step of the trip to Vietnam and it always requires a little wisdom, choosing items to give to friends, family members and relatives. Hope the following items will help you find the right gift.

1. Ao Dai

The Ao Dai is a long dress and is worn by the Vietnamese women in Vietnam. This long dress has been a national costume in the country since the 18th century. The dress comes in three different styles and can be specially handmade for you at one of Vietnam’s specialized Ao Dai tailors. 

2. Conical Hat / Straw Hat

Non La is a circular cone hat made out of bamboo cataphylls and is a souvenir you must bring back home. The hat is today a cultural symbol for the country where the style can vary from region to region. This hat is worn by the locals all year around, while it protects them from the rain and it also provides shade and protection from the sun. 

3. Silk

If you’re a fan of silk fabrics, then you’re going to love Vietnam. Here you can buy scarfs, silk painting and suits or clothes with the best quality. In the country you will find silk fabrics with beautiful patterns, in different colors and sizes – all made on traditional hand looms. One of the best places to buy silk is in Hoi An and also in Van Phuc (a silk village near Hanoi). 

4. Musical Instruments

The handmade musical instruments are also a favorite souvenir in Vietnam. Here you can buy instruments like; bamboo flutes and mini t’rungs. These instruments make sweet tones and will remember you of Vietnam every time you’re making music.

5. Vietnamese Paintings

Oh wow, where should I start? The Vietnamese paintings are incredible throughout the country. The colors, motives, and art techniques are just amazing. Here you can buy silk paintings, rice paintings, and folk woodcut paintings. Most of the paintings are very colorful and tell you stories about famous Vietnamese people or famous sights in the country!

The above are unique and best souvenirs in Vietnam to bring home as a gift to someone you love! It will be the souvenir memorabilia between you and our beautiful Vietnam Country

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