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Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa

Sapa, Vietnam has been one of the most dramatic and mountainous destinations in the country with the number of scenic landscapes with fertile river valleys and scattered hill-tribe villages. To the northwest, you come up with the feeling of a great experience about the immense space of the majestic mountains, winding roads, a vast of golden rice fields. Also you have chance to enjoy boisterous festivals of ethnic people, join activities based on your interests like cycling, trekking….

Sapa classic tours

Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa 1

In spite of your age, fitness or agility.....our classic tours are designed and operated in such a way that many capacities can be catered for so that you will thoroughly enjoy your vacation and experience Sapa's best. These classical packages are specially aimed at those travellers who are most interested in relaxing and seeing the sights, rather than undertaking strenuous trekking. Therefore we provide modern facilities and services while visiting a number of beautiful places and local villages. These are easily accessible by vehicle and within a short time you will be amongst the local culture...

Read more the details of the Sapa classic tours at: https://goo.gl/XW9r4u

Sapa trekking tours

Hikers and adventure lovers will never be disappointed when choosing one of our Vietnam Typical Tours. With all the best that our offers, every of your trekking days is a combination of your love to adventure with new culture discovery and nature wanders.

Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa 2

We have selected certain trekking routes from dozens of trails so that to bring the most beautiful scenery into your lens with a lot chances to visit tribal villages and meet Sapa’s tribal peoples at homes and at works. Home stay in remote tribal villages is another interesting experience of local life. And after all, we promise that your trip will be knowledgeable, educational, and full of fun.

Read more the details of the Sapa trekking tours at: https://goo.gl/LNXb9J

Sapa market tours

Mountainous Cultural Markets are well known by many travelers as a "specialty" of a tour to the North of Vietnam, a cultural characteristic of ethnic minority peoples. Each market is a living museum of cultural and community activities, where contains plenty of ethnic culture with unique customs and regional traditions.

Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa 3

They are still reserving the identity of the mountainous markets, still original mixed with pure innocent travelers. There is no common language here; each tribe uses its own language. On plastic sheets spread right down to the market, it's laid out for something wild: a few bottles of forest honey, some agricultural products, small working tools ... The buzz exchanges, bargain, selling and buying on their own ways making tourists bewildered.

Read more the details of the Sapa market tours at: https://goo.gl/h9e9Yb

Sapa homestay tours

Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa 4

The Sapa homestay tours is special, unique and invaluable! Our Vietnam Typical Tours company is now offering this fantastic learning and growing experience to school students, community groups and any organisation that will benefit from exposure to working as a team, being involved in a community that needs support and developing a sense of awareness regarding their surroundings, environment and the farming people of North Vietnam

Read more the details of the Sapa homestay tours at: https://goo.gl/UkaMsb

Fansipan climbing tours

Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa 5

Fansipan itself is an attraction of Sapa area as well as Northern Vietnam. The peak is a part of Hoang Lien mountain range, which is under the protection of Hoang Lien National Park. The trip offers you an opportunity to explore the beautiful nature and challenge yourself.

Read more the details of the Fansipan climbing tours at: https://goo.gl/yHhpgy

Sapa biking tours

Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa 6

Sapa is a great place for exploring on two wheels. This wonderful itinerary takes you over the villages to explore and the Hoang Lien Mountain Range. Descend through one of 's most picturesque and inspiring valleys. The partially rocky road meanders along the base of the mountain range past old growth forest and through the villages of Thai, H'Mong and Lu ethnic minority people.

Read more the details of the Sapa biking tours at: https://goo.gl/NwGXN3

Sapa luxury tours

Typical Types of Tourism in Sapa 7

Sapa luxury tours are one of the most attractive forms of tourism in Sapa. Select this type of travel, you will enjoy the most luxurious services, the best in Sapa throughout the journey. Discover Sapa in a different view and enjoy the majestic nature and wilderness.

Read more the details of the Sapa luxury tours at: https://goo.gl/2aWzFm

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