Top 5 Traditional Dishes of Ancient Hanoians

Nga Do
Traditional food of Hanoi. Hanoians are famous for their simple but equally elegant and refined cuisine. Over time, the food of the capital city not only lost, but increasingly asserted its important position in the culture of Vietnamese cuisine. Below introduce 10 old Hanoi dishes simple, delicious, exist from many generations ...

1. Pho

The first thing to remember when talking about Hanoi is “Pho” or noodle soup. “Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not just only in Hanoi, but only in Hanoi is delicious”, Thach Lam writer wrote.

This universally famous food is best enjoyed in Hanoi, where it was “invented” in the early 20th century. Pho- or rice noodle soup- is omnipresent in Hanoi, appearing anywhere from street vendors to high end restaurant chain Pho 24. Some is served with chicken and some with beef. Each type of meat entails a variety of sub-dish, using from beef tenderloin to beef brisket, chicken wing to chicken thigh. The tip is, look for the place where locals gather the most and you know where you should order and sit down.

Where to try:

Pho Bat Dan is a famous local restaurants famous for its pho bo (beef rice noodle soup). Located in the Old quarter “jungle”, the store easily stands out for the long line of people waiting to be served. You are highly recommended to join the local, line up for the pho bowl and bring it to a selected table to eat (Read more about Pho).

2. Bun Cha

Bún chả, is one northern Vietnamese food that quickly became our favorite. It is also a specialty from Hanoi, that cannot be missed.

The dish consists of grilled pork strips and balls or chả served over a bed of rice vermicelli noodles or bún. It typically comes with a plate of fresh Vietnamese herbs and a bowl of dipping sauce.  Pickled vegetables, like cabbage, carrots, onion or green papaya served with additional meatballs on the side. 

The sauce is made of the famous Vietnamese fish sauce or Nuoc Mam combined with vinegar, lime, sugar, garlic and chili.

Where to try:

- Dac Kim restaurant: 1 Hang Manh street, Ha Noi.
- Bun Cha 34
- 74 Hang Quat street, Ha Noi.
- 153 Mai Hac De street, Ha Noi...

3. Cha Ca La Vong

“Cha ca La Vong” (La Vong fried fish dish) is the perfect combination of typical Vietnam’s spices such as: saffron, fennel, shrimp paste and fish sauce.

All of those mix together into a unique, incredibly delicious and attractive dish. Cha ca La Vong always ranks in the list of foods that foreign visitors should eat first when coming to Hanoi city. The famous restaurant is located at 14 Cha Ca street.

Where to try:

Cha ca La Vong restaurant on 14 Cha Ca street is renowned nationally and internationally for its tradition and quality of serving the dish. It is much more expensive than other local food but the fact that you are sitting in one of the oldest house in Hanoi, served by the most traditionally styled chef is all worth it. ($6-8, with drink).

4. Bun Thang

If Pho is compatible to linguine in shape, Bun is more like spaghetti. Bun thang is one of the most popular yet hidden fares in Hanoi and one can hardly find it outside of the Old quarters or a few special restaurants scattering across the city. The chicken broth is artistically done and the dish is beautifully served. Bun thang is a harmonious blend of color- the yellow of sliced egg; the white of bun; the off-white of chicken and the green of onions and herbs.

Where to try:

Bun thang Ba Duc on Cau Go street is a great place to try the dish. This street vendor has a limited number of seats on the pavement but you will be surprised how many people can fit in the two storey old house behind the stall. Enjoy bun thang in such a setting gives the meal enormous highlights in your trip to Hanoi.

5.  "Com" Vong Village

The autumn wind coming is also the time that “Com” (grilled green rice) is sold in many streets in Hanoi. “Com” is made from green sticky rice that is harvested in blossom period, roasted in many times, crashed and sieved. When eating com, you must eat slowly and chew very deliberately in order to appreciate all the scents, tastes, and plasticity of the young rice.

"Com" is used in many specialities of Vietnam, including com xao (browned com), banh com (com cakes), che com (sweetened com soups). You can find “Com” across the Hanoi city, but the most delicious “Com” is processed in Vong village, where "Com" making has been a professional skill for many generations.

How many of our 5 foods have you tried? Traditional Hanoi cuisine is just like Hanoians, charming, elegant and extremely attractive. Come here and feel.

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