The History of Buckwheat Flower Season

Nga Do
Ha Giang is a province in the North of Vietnam. Ha Giang owns the loving and pure beauty as the ethnic ladies by not only the mighty landscapes and winding roads but also the nice and large flower fields.

Tourists can travel Ha Giang in any seasons and any months in the year, but you should choose a certain time which depends on your purposes. If you are flower lovers, the beauty of Ha Giang in October is the best choice because this is the time for blooming buckwheat flowers. The beauty of them will certainly makes you embarrassed. 

However, not everyone knows about the history of this flower season. With Vietnam Typical Tours learn more about this flowers season:

The History of Buckwheat Flower Season

It is said that this tiny flower forest with green leaves once saved a whole village from a severe famine that occurred when the old harvest season had been over way before the new one had arrived.

According to the legend, in the past, the people in the Northern mountainous region lived mainly on rice and corn. One year, the food ran out and the land had become barren, and the local people had to wander in search of food. Then, a strange yet pleasant fragrance filled the atmosphere and attracted the peasants to follow the ravine. Among the rocks, they discovered small white pink flowers whose nuts tasted as subtle as rice and corn. Since then, the Hmong have used the buckwheat flowers’ nuts as staples like maize and rice. The young buckwheat flower stem can be boiled and used as vegetables. When harvested, the crops can be ground into flour or cooked with wine and corn to brew a very unique type of wine. Local people also bake cakes from buckwheat grain. The buckwheat leaf is also used as trunk for cattle feed.

A wonderful legend about flowers blooming on rocks. Traveling Ha Giang on the occasion when the buckwheat flowers are blooming, you will have chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape here. You will be impressed by the beauty of the north Vietnam tours in October and your mind will become really relaxed and peaceful.

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