Unique Snacks Are Made From Buckwheat Flowers

Nga Do
Not only attract visitors by beauty, buckwheat also incarnated into the cuisine, creating delicate and nutritious dishes. Thanks to that, Ha Giang is known not only as a trip to explore the spectacular but also a trip to explore the rich culinary culture.

In the middle of October, Ha Giang plateau is full of purple and pink color of buckwheat flower. The local make the flowers to cake with nutritional value and good for health. These tiny buckwheat seeds is crushed to a fine powder and mixed with water. After finished dough, the mix is put into mold into small cakes and the cooked make a famous triangular dish. You can enjoy it in the market or buy it as the gifts for your family and friends.

Buckwheat cake in Ha Giang is not only the beauty of flowers fanciful reverie but very tasty. Travel to Ha Giang in October to watch the buckwheat flowers on the rocky plateau and enjoy this typical cake.

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