October! Dating Muong Lo Rice Valley

Nga Do
Yen Bai Province is one of the most exquisite tourist destinations in Vietnam that hosts the highlight of Nghia Lo Town. The mountainous yet scenic northwestern area showers the newcomers with lots of exclusive lessons about the culture and daily life of the ethnic groups here.

Spectacular Muong Lo Rice Field In Nghia Lo Town

Muong Lo valley is the second largest valley in Vietnam with many revolutionary relics, beautiful landscapes. It is home to Thai ethnic minority group and Thai people remain many unique traditional culture. The valley is bordered by the endless ranges of the mountain that makes it the highly spectacular site. For somebody that has not ever climb the mountainous region, Nghia Lo Town of Yen Bai Province surely entertains them with many new experiences. Visitors take about 5 hours to travel from Hanoi to reach the attractive town and photograph the scenic views along the zigzag way and the unlimited mountain chains. Note that the town is just over 200km from Hanoi!

Muong Lo has pure natural beauty, wild with fresh air, cool all year round along with the flavor of tea in Suoi Giang, natural mineral water ... make Muong Lo latent charm to a strange! and what makes a Muong Lo especially rice valley. 

Each season ripe rice, the rice field terraces are again a golden color. Muong Lo is the second largest field in the northern mountains, just behind Muong Thanh (Dien Bien). Black Thai people have long settled here. According to the epic story of the Thai people, the two brothers Tao Xuong and Tao Ngan find a place to establish one"s business. Tao Xuong stopped and built the village in Muong Lo, built the ancestral land of the Black Thai people throughout the Northwest because of its fertile soil and plentiful water. Tao Ngan to Muong Then (Muong Thanh today) built the village of the White Thai also grow rice is mainly.

Traveling along Highway 32 to Muong Lo, Yen Bai, visitors will not be surprised to see the beauty of the rice fields, the gentle steps toward the mountain; Nam Thia stream crosses the valley as if drawing a soft silk curved between yellow rice; The graceful Thai girl carrying rice on her shoulders crossed the stream ...

Spend the whole holiday this October for Mu Cang Chai adventure, where Muong Lo fields charm all visitors.

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