History of Mu Cang Chai terraced fields

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Mu Cang Chai tours is known to tourists everywhere because of the picturesque terraced fields majestic. Especially at around September, October, when the terraces around Mu Cang Chai carved on him a yellow color. However, not everyone knows the history of the terraces here.

Just like nature formed, arranged the steps of terraced fields. But not so, the rare masterpiece in the wet rice civilization of Vietnam was created by ethnic minorities to adapt to land conditions, climate and irrigation in mountainous and midland areas.

Masterpiece of labor hand.

The history of terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai is closely linked to the history of the H'mong ethnic group - the author of terraced fields, the first resident of this land. Terraced fields are a means of agricultural cultivation that combines the cultivation of swidden fields and rice fields. Opening terraced fields is a laborious process, labor intensive. According to the experience of the people, it is a place with moderate slope, water source, able to create ground, less rocky, big trees, thick grass and good soil suitable for exploration.

After selecting the appropriate land, the next step is to establish the right of reclamation. The people can stack stone columns about 1m high, or pinch some large trees on the land as a sign of establishing the right of reclamation.

Once the forces and favorable weather conditions have been mobilized, exploration is carried out. This is usually done in the spring (around January, February, 3) to be able to drain water use right in April, 5 in time for the crop season.

To make the field, first clear the grass and small trees, clean the ground, then use the hoe to remove the big tree stumps, and then digging and leveling. The most difficult is to create a flatness to the surface, the surface of the field is related to water retention and water distribution throughout the field. The digging and leveling of the field is a technical stage that requires skill in staging field cultivation.

The next is the fence, in the terreced fields system, the fence is an important element that serves as the "wall" for water retention. The work of planting is continued from year to year, from one generation to the next, creating the fields of fine art hanging on the hillside. This is a unique feature of the upland cultivation of upland people in Southeast Asia.

Mu Cang Chai terraced rice field is more beautiful, more attractive in the season of nine rice, where the beauty of this "golden sea" spread throughout Mu Cang Chai forest. The terraced fields each step as the giant ladder to the sky.

A visit to the mat season in Mu Cang Chai will take you from surprise to admiration. Moreover, when you visit, you will be able to witness firsthand the terreced fields products made by ethnic minority people in Mu Cang Chai. Sure, the trip will charm you. See itinernary details at: https://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour/sapa-mu-cang-chai-package-tour-4-days/

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