To Day Flower - Spring Specialties on Mu Cang Chai Highlands

Nga Do
Not the golden raspberry, the wonderful green terraces inviting but the white flowers, the pink has made me love, ecstatic, immersed in another beauty in the highland of Mu Cang Chai.

Spring on the plateau of Mu Cang Chai of Yen Bai Province, we encountered the pure white of plum blossom, the pink of peach blossom and To Day flower hatched beam in the hillsides.

To Day flowers have 5 pink wings with long red stamens, blossoming into clusters. Stem high, very broad canopy, grows in hillsides. At first glance, people do not know what it is the peach blossom forest. 

Flowers bloom the most in 2 weeks from the end of December, the colors of the flowers are crimson in hills, mostly in La Pan Tan. This is also the time when visitors feel the best spring breaths are returning to the Hmong villages in the highlands.

For H'mong, Mu Cang Chai or Tram Tau, To Day flowers are attached to the spring here. Flowers call spring to enjoy Gau Tao festival.

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