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Family tours in Halong Bay offer wonderful tours to relax and enjoy magnificent landscapes of Halong Bay. Visit limestone caves, fishing villages, cruising in majestic Halong Bay, enjoy brilliant sunset will be amazing experiences for family tours in Halong Bay as well as great family holidays in Vietnam.

Halong Bay is the most wonderful place to visit while family travel to Vietnam. It has been famous worldwide for relaxing holidays in Vietnam and Halong is truly an amazing place to visit while taking family tours in Vietnam. Has been selected to be one of the new seven world natural wonders in the world, Halong Bay is the most beautiful place to visit while spending family tours in Vietnam. With almost 2000 thousands of islands, incredible limestone caves, fishing villages, deserted beaches, spectacular landscapes, Halong Bay is absolutely wonderful for family to enjoy nature, enjoy cruising tours, relaxing and get the most wonderful experience for family holidays in Vietnam.


Halong Bay is in Halong City, Quang Ninh Province in the North East of Vietnam. It has been the most famous, attractive and beautiful natural wonder to visit while spending holidays in Vietnam. Halong Bay is amazing place to relax and enjoy fantastic cruising tours in Vietnam which offer family many things to do like cruising, leisure holidays, kayaking, swimming or visiting floating villages in Halong Bay in Vietnam.

When talking about Halong Bay, there are only few words that can be mentioned: magnificent, amazing, majestic and breathtaking. The natural beauty of the bay is truly amazing, unique and nowhere else in the world can be found. Thousands of islands dotted from beep blue and lipid water which leave Halong Bay amazing landscapes – the heaven on earth, the must see place for family tours in Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Halong Bay has recognized as World Natural Heritage of Vietnam in 1994 because of its beauty. The whole bay has an area of 1.553 square kilometers with 1.969 islands and islets with different shapes. Halong bay is closed to Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island which belongs to Hai Phong province. All islands in the bay stand close to one another which turn Halong Bay to be a huge and massive natural maze, offering stunning landscapes, satisfying any travelers who travel to Vietnam including those looking for great cruising tours for family in Vietnam. Only the center part of Halong Bay, there are more than 700 islands, covering an area of 335 square kilometers and this is where family tours in Halong Bay often visit.

Based on the research, Halong Bay has gone through 500 million years of which 20 million years for all limestone islands to form like what they are today. Surrounded by islands and mountains which leave Halong bay has calm and lipid water and this is wonderful for cruising tours for family in Halong Bay. Enjoy swimming; kayaking or simply cruising around the bay is truly wonderful for family to enjoy the best of their relaxing holidays in Vietnam.


When family travel to Vietnam, Halong Bay should not be miss as it is the most amazing place to visit for family tours in Vietnam. Relaxing on board, cruising around magnificent bay, visiting fishing villages, climb into limestone caves, get to the viewing deck on top of the mountain, enjoy kayaking or simply enjoy brilliant sunset or sunrise over the bay will bring fantastic experience for family tours in Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Most travelers or family coming to the bay will choose the two-day tours in Halong bay. It is the most popular as tours offer most of activities for family to enjoy while taking their tours in Vietnam, visiting Halong Bay and stay overnight on board. There are a lot of boats to choose for cruising tours in Halong Bay for family. Most of the boats will offer very similar cruising itinerary for two-day tours in Halong Bay. Embark time is around 12.00 everyday, start cruising around the bay, lunch and dinners will be served on board. Family who takes cruising tours in Halong bay will visit Sung Son Cave, Titop Beach, Cua Van fishing village and Hang Luon Cave which is a great sea lagoon.  The tours will also let family stay overnight on board which will maximize the time for relaxing and enjoy the most from family tours in Halong Bay in Vietnam. A few other boats will offer different cruising itinerary which will take travelers to Lan Ha Bay, visiting Vung Vieng fishing village which is a bit further out but offering wonderful landscapes and less crowded.

The three-day tours will be greatest choice for family who love to have more time for relaxing, exploring and enjoy more activities during their family holidays in Vietnam. For the three-day tours, on the second day, family will enjoy cruising further to Lan Ha Bay which actually belongs to Cat Bat National Park, Hai Phong Province. Family will enjoy swimming and kayaking in Halong Bay. Relaxing on deserted beach, enjoy kayaking through Dark Cave and Three Peaches will be fantastic experience for family tours in Vietnam and benefit the most from the tours in Halong Bay.

For family who love adventure and look for something unique, fun and gain adventure experience for their family holidays in Halong Bay in Vietnam. The kayaking is the best choice to explore the bay. There are so many places that cannot access by big boats and kayaking allows family to discover the most stunning sport in the bay. More than just enjoy kayaking to caves, lagoon, kayaking to fishing villages, discover their life, experience daily life of local fishermen is also fantastic and it is the best way to see the bay and enjoy great adventure family holidays in Vietnam.

After an exciting day exploring the bay, enjoy sunset from the sundeck, enjoy fresh seafood meals on board, relax and enjoy absolutely quiet and peaceful moment on board will be amazing experience for family tours in Halong Bay in Vietnam.

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