Vietnam Family Tours in Mekong Delta

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Vietnam family tours in Mekong Delta are great tours for family to explore amazing Mekong Delta in Vietnam, enjoy cruising tours in vast stretch Mekong Delta, visit floating markets, discover interesting culture and experience daily life of farmers in Mekong Delta while spending holidays for family in Vietnam.

Mekong Delta is amazing location in Vietnam and it has been a favorite place to visit while travel to Vietnam, especially for family travel to Vietnam with small children. It is the largest rice bucket in Vietnam, producing millions tons of rice every year, Mekong delta offer stunning landscapes and this is fantastic for travelers in Vietnam including family tours in Vietnam.

Covering huge areas which got to more than 40 thousand square kilometers, 12 provinces, Mekong Delta offers great landscapes, cultural sites for family to enjoy the best of their family tours in Vietnam. It is where Mekong River flows to the ocean, Mekong Delta in Vietnam has very flat terrains with just one mountain range of Ba Den. It is extremely amazing and massive complex of cannels, rivers and waterway networks and this turn Mekong Delta to be interesting location for family tours in Vietnam.

Family travel to Vietnam and visit Mekong delta will enjoy fantastic and glorious rice fields which make people have feeling the rice fields have no end and will stretch forever to the horizontal line. Dotted among these rice fields are coconut, mangrove forests and local villages that add in the natural beauty of Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Enjoy cruising on wooden boats, experience daily life of local people, enjoy striking landscapes and visiting bustling floating markets will bring family fantastic memories for their family tours in Vietnam.


There are many different types of tours for family in Mekong Delta from cruising to biking or even trekking tours to explore some national park in Mekong delta. The most interesting and popular tours are cruising tours in Mekong delta which offer family great chances to discover Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Cruising tours for family in Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Family travel to Mekong delta can choose to take from 2 to 4 days of cruising tours in Mekong Delta. The Mekong Delta cruising tours would fit any family as they are leisure and sightseeing, not much of adventure activities like biking or walking. Of courses, family can choose to add in a bit of biking tours while spending family holidays in Vietnam, enjoy cycling on An Binh Island or around local villages to experience daily life of local people would bring family great experience and fun for family tours in Mekong delta in Vietnam.

The cruising tours for family in Mekong will let family visit coconut candy, pop-rice or rice paper workshops where family will learn how local people make their special products of the areas. It is wonderful to experience how local people make many things of coconut shells, coconut trees from daily use tools to beautiful souvenir. Taste coconut candy, pop-rice or enjoy special dishes cooked with coconut will be fantastic experience for family tours in Vietnam.

As its unique and typical geography, Mekong Delta has so many complex of cannel networks and these are special attracts of Mekong Delta. Enjoy cruising in small cannels on wooden boats to explore local life, ride deep in the coconut forests, enjoy the peace, quietness will be wonderful moments for Vietnam family tours in Mekong Delta.

Family travel to Mekong Delta cannot miss the floating markets as these are the most interesting to see while taking cruising tours for family in Mekong Delta. Because local people use their boats for daily transport. They also use the boats to take their agricultural products for sales, gathering in the middle of rivers and forming up the floating markets. There are many floating markets in Mekong Delta but the most two famous are Cai Be and Cai Rang of which Cai Rang is the biggest floating market in Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

While spending cruising tours for family in Mekong Delta, visiting floating market will be amazed. At floating markets, thousands of boats with all different sizes, styles and designs carrying pipe-apple, vegetable, coconuts, watermelons…for sales. The interesting as well as unique way of selling products in the floating market will also surprise people. Each boat will set up a bamboo stick which is about 5 to 8 meter tall, hanging whatever they have for sales. From far, buyers just need to look at these bamboo sticks and know what to buy and where to buy.

It is not only for trading products, the floating markets also show great culture and lifestyle of farmers in Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Many traders live on their boats and take the floating market as place for living. Family taking cruising tours in Mekong Delta will have feeling it is life, home not just the market. Taste a bowl of hot noodle soup, fresh fruits right on the river will bring great experiences for family tours in Vietnam.

Biking Tours For Family in Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Vietnam family tours in Mekong Delta will also include biking tours which will be great for family who love adventure experience for their family holidays in Vietnam. The Mekong Delta biking tours are really fantastic to explore more of this amazing places to visit in Vietnam. Enjoy biking tours through stunning rice fields, meets local people, visit their villages, their home, socialize with people will be perfect for family tours in Vietnam. Vietnam family tours in Mekong delta will also offer great biking tours along the rivers, cannels, visit pagodas or temples of Cham people living in Mekong delta will be fantastic moments for family tours in Vietnam.

Family can choose from 3 days up to 6 or 7 days of biking tours for family in Mekong Delta which will provide great opportunity to enjoy wonderful countryside, beautiful landscapes of Mekong Delta. More than just enjoy biking tours, Vietnam family tours in Mekong Delta will also let family visit floating markets, enjoy cruising tours which will maximize the time for family tours in Vietnam.

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