Vietnam culture in tray Tet day

Nga Do
Trays ancestors, so that families gather together in the early days is a beauty in the culture of the Vietnamese family from north to south. Moreover, the traditional New Year's Day family always gather together, therefore a full tray of rice will bring joy and prosperity luck all year for the family.

Tet feast domain 3

The difference in food culture of three regions shown in the New Year feast. With the North which is the subtle, harmonious coordination between the dishes; Central is a fussy, hard little in the processing and shaping for each dish, particularly to the south there is an abundance, from dry food, water dishes, from savory to sweet dishes are full face.

The sophistication of the North

Trays Delta region generally comply with all copies. Usually consists of four disk trays and bowls not to mention the four disks away and the sauce bowl. Four disc includes two discs and chicken meat could be pork, throwing a disc, a disc spring silk. Maybe add a fat sausage plate (manually or frozen meat sausage). 

Four bowls including bowls security, pork stewed bamboo bowls, noodle bowls, wooden bowls. These are the basic requirements of trays. Depending family can add items like salad, stir-day festival also featured dishes such as rice cakes, melon out. Lotus jelly desserts, blueberries, ginger, tea warehouse.

Picky, as central cared

The central dish on trays usually care little attention to the preservation and harsh climate. Cold dishes served with dishes like rolls, spring rolls, bamboo ... Then squeeze the chicken salad laksa leaves, fig salad, asparagus, with jackfruit mix .... Nem lui hot dishes, beef chilli ... These items are stored long cold day is usually wrapped in rice paper, cucumber procession.

Main course dishes to eat with rice has turned, from fried pork, chicken. Cooked beef dish cooked bonus and beet warehouse lean pork, lean rim, hon ... And usually no shortage of pork stew soup, chicken potential, banh tet, pickled. The dessert of jelly, cake and bread group, cakes, biscuits, Net, cassava cakes, little cakes, cake drying green beans, bread seven fire, com ...

Rich South trays

With dishes have cooled rolls, packs, pig hearts respects, stuffed pork, fresh sausage, lotus salad ... shredded boiled chicken salad alone milling onion mix, litter is often dishes on trays. The pickle dishes like pickled pig ears, dried shrimp and leeks are favored. To eat rice as a main dish cooked beef boil, fresh coconut poached chicken.

In particular, almost everywhere in Southern family has eaten pot with coconut meat warehouse prices and melon melon soup. This dish always has two tray of rice ancestors in the 30th festival. According to folklore, the "bitter" is food for the destitute desires pass away for a better new year. Considering the fact this is a cool dish, fat solution, long-term storage in hot weather south. And often there are fat people eat tet cake with pickled radish sauce. Desserts have the kind of jam like jelly coconut, tamarind, soursop, ginger plastics, extractor s, Leo, banana candy, the sticky rice, cow cakes, little cakes, sweet cakes Tet ...

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