Meaning of Tet dishes

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New Year, families spend together often have a habit of eating boiled chicken, frozen meat (North) or meat storage vessel (Southern) and especially sausage, leeks ... Actually, this food also significance of the start of a new year of peace, prosperity.

Enjoy Boiled Chicken: The What You Get, full of mercy enough

On the occasion of New Year family reunion but also the opportunity to direct the roots, ancestors. Chicken cooked to worship for the first year and the last day is indispensable for any public feast festival offerings. Not self but never boiled chicken dish has become indispensable in the special occasion. Perhaps because it is believed that boiled chicken will provide a good start, filled with thousands of happy. So, start your new year with boiled chicken for the whole year is like.

For chicken cooked golden color and delicious it should be for first place in cold water. When boiling for 10 minutes, get tattooed toothpick into the thickest meat chicken thigh. If the water is no longer flowing out red meat, then cooked again. After boiled chicken out and picked up the brass dipped in cold water until cooled chicken.

Frozen meats: In perpetual clarity, the good grace

Jellies are an indispensable item for many families Vietnam Tet, especially the people of the North. Meat in jelly section as shown for the peace, in both a year younger. The blend, mounted between the components of the dish as a blessing for those who are and will love.

Meat storage vessels: On the bottom draw upon, wealth wealth

North of the meat , then south again called meat warehouse ships . New Year's Day , anyone visiting your home as easy meat warehouse caught eggs . It is a familiar dish , stick with the family members from infant to adults, making it easier for people to feel peace atmosphere , spend - signs of a new year favorable success .

Sausage : In warm outside smooth , full house blessing

As a popular dish for busy New Year's Day , visitors to the house just grab pieces of sausage hanging in the corner of the kitchen , cut bite size pieces , put together with pickled disc , this is delicious , simple hospitality .

There are three types of sausage is typical and popular silk rolls , spring rolls and fried beef . Each of these rolls have a particular taste but it is important to dish sausage is really fascinating aroma of banana leaves and fish sauce are delicious blends of sausage pieces .

Silk sausages made ​​from pork category delicious, fresh meat , warm hand touch , continuous grinding until the meat finely . Spices must choose a wedge into tasty and fragrant sauce . When chopped up , frozen pork ivory colored , surface pores have a few new spring silk tree is delicious .

Processed beef sausages way but also as raw silk rolls beef . Tasty beef sausage tree when a pinkish chopped beef , extra white fat . Especially spicy aroma of pepper and make up a distinct aroma of beef sausage pieces.

Fried sausages or sausage also known as food baskets are easy to make and does not take a lot of preparation and processing on the rolls as 2 items . The main material of fried pork is the prime component parts in the pig as : ear , nose, tongue , cheeks ... and pig 's ear indispensable . The semi-processed materials are clean , lightly boiling water , sliced ​​thin , marinated , sauteed peppers and then take nine . After finishing the spring pack to cool the refrigerator compartment , the adhesive will glue the sautéed ingredients . Delicious fried spring rolls are tightly packed trees hand , the dry ingredients for fried fried not too hand , will eat the crispy and fragrant spices.

Coming to Vietnam, you will enjoy many special dishes vary in different regions around the beautiful country in the Southeast Asia. With each dish that you have the opportunity to enjoy, will leave a special imprint twisted by the unforgettable taste and its bold Vietnam.

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