Learn How to Cook Vietnamese Traditional Dishes in Sapa

➤ While in Sapa we invite you to discover a new passion, come join our Vietnamese Cooking Class. 

Learn How to Cook Vietnamese Traditional Dishes in Sapa
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Every food lover who visits Sapa should learn to cook at least one local dish. In our daily cooking class, you’ll discover a wealth of herbs and a world of fragrant new flavors as you learn to prepare many traditional and tasty Vietnamese specialties. 

Bury your face in a bouquet of fresh mountain basil, shower exotic spices over your freshly wok fried dish and savor every bite. You’ll discover layers of fresh flavor in Vietnamese cuisine that make each taste a revelation. In some dishes, there are more than 20 ingredients to tantalize your taste buds; we will show you how to create these special dishes easily at home. 

As you walk through the market your chef will explain the ingredients you will be using in your cooking lesson. There are many characters in this market and we are sure you will enjoy this experience. Once you have purchased your ingredients we take our transport 6km outside of Sapa to our beautiful Hmong Mountain Retreat where our cooking school is located, overlooking the breathtaking Muong Hoa Valley and the 30,000km of terraced rice fields. 

The cooking school chefs first demonstrate each dish before you prepare the same dish yourself. The lesson is very practical with a lot of time for questions and note taking. With so much to taste and learn, you’ll want to take your time. Luckily, nobody is in a hurry here in Sapa, so come and experience a new passion.

Held everyday from 9:30am to 3:00pm it’s a great alternative to trekking in Sapa. Enjoy a tour of the fresh fruit and vegetable market, and at the end of your practical hands on cooking class it is time to enjoy all the dishes you have prepared. At the end of your lesson it’s time to enjoy all the dishes you have prepared as you sit in our retreat surrounded by nature, marveling at what you have just managed to cook.

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