Ta Phin Village

During your Sapa tour, do not forget to visit Ta Phin Village which is located about 17 km from Sapa town. It is famous for the unique features of Red Dao ethnic groups.

Ta Phin Village
Photo by Hoangvantoanajc
The road leading to Ta Phin Village is along with the winding mountainside next to the silky green terraced fields. Tourist will be welcomed by brilliant blooming clusters of peach flowers and plum flowers.

Right from the gate of the village, Red Dao people will show their hospitality by smiles and enthusiastic greeting, invite visitors to their home.

Tourist can sit together with local people next to the fire burning on the porch to warm up your body. The Dao women are sitting next to the fire, embroidering scarf, coat brocades. They always ready guide for the visitors curious about how to mix colors and weaving.

Visitors can buy some totally handmade brocade products decorated with lines, patterns which are shown vignettes of grassy, flowers, birds … Those are full style shapes and eye-catching colors and bold shades of pristine jungle associated with their long-standing life.

In Ta Phin, you can also take traditional medicine leaf bath of their Dao people at their home. Because Red Dao people are famous for making medicinal cure back pain and especially soaking treatment, and anti-fatigue drug bath

You will experience a pleasant sensation while relaxing in a timber bathtub filled with hot water, and scented odoriferous forest leaf

Keep going on small trails across the green paddy fields, leading to the end of Ta Phin. Walking about 1 km, you will reach the high mountain. In the foothills is Ta Phin Cave, also called as Ti O Cam Cave which is very large and deep

Coming inside the cave, people will be surprise by interesting shapes of stalactite in the cave. Tourists will have a feeling as they were in the fairy land when admiring a number of different colors of lights gleaning up the cave

Annually, many photographers come to Ta Phin to take wonderful picture of natural landscapes. They will follow local people to visit the ancient monastery, which owns the 19th century Western architectural style.

This monument is famous for being best place to take wedding photos of couples. The ancient monastery now becomes the favorite destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists

If you want to learn more customary activities of the Red Dao, you can stay in Ta Phin houses as home-stay style. Sitting and warming by the fire, you will be welcomed with a bowl of special wine brewed with yeast forest leaves, sipping buffalo meat and enjoy sweet sticky rice. You will understand more about their culture through interesting stories revolving around their lives.

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