11 Fascinating Experiences in Sapa During September

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September - when Hanoi entered the early autumn days with chilly weather, golden romances covered the streets, Sapa also began to enter the golden days - terraced fields in ripe rice season. Terraced fields across the villages in Sapa began to change color from green to yellow of ripe rice.

The following article will help you find the most interesting experiences and activities in Sapa.

11 Fascinating Experiences in Sapa During September

1. Conquer the top of Fansipan – The roof of Indochina

Conquering the roof of Indochina is the dream of so many young people. The cable car to reach Fansipan has been put into operation. The time to conquer Fansipan peak has since been shortened from 2 days to only 15 minutes. If you want to challenge yourself, do not hesitate to prepare your travel to Sapa in September from now. 

2. Admire the World’s Most Spectacular Terraces

Terraced fields in Sapa are honored as one of the greatest terraced fields in the world. Nature does not only give people in this area an ideal landscape and climate but also gives them skillful hands. For hundreds of years, they have weaved masterpieces - stairs leading up to the sky. September is the harvest season. It's time to replace green fields with a golden color. This is a fascinating time to travel to Sapa. 

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11 Fascinating Experiences in Sapa During September 1
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3. Climb Ham Rong mountain for the overview the of Sapa

Observing the town from a 1800m high hut on Ham Rong Mountain is an enjoyable experience that anyone visiting Sapa should try. Moreover, you can see the colorful flower gardens between the small rocky ravine at Thach Lam Garden from Ham Rong Mountain.

4. Drop by Sapa Muong Hoa Valley – Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Muong Hoa valley is in Hau Thao commune, about 8 km southeast of Sapa town. The Sapa Ancient Rock Field in Muong Hoa between the grass and the terraced fields of the ethnic minority was carved into many different shapes. Hundreds of sandstone carved figures and strange characters that have yet to be fully understood. Today, it is ranked as a national monument, a unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. Muong Hoa valley also has a beautiful stream stretching for about 15 km, through Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao and ending in Ban Ho.

The trekking along Muong Hoa to Lao Chai is included in Sapa tour 2 Day of Vietnam Typical Tour. Lao Chai is the home of the Black H’mong positioned as the beginning of Muong Hoa valley. It offers visitors a fully wide view of stunning Sapa.

5. Walk, Live in a Slow Pace of Life in Sapa

Walking tours in Sapa will bring you unforgettable experiences. Sapa is one of the tourist destinations with the longest walk in the world. You may walk a dozen kilometers, from morning to afternoon, passing through towns, villages, paddy fields, small streams, bridges ... Take a walk to feel the slow pace of life, observe and learn more about the life and culture of the indigenous people here.

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11 Fascinating Experiences in Sapa During September 2
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6. Go to Bac Ha fair market

Bac Ha is the largest trading fair in the border area, about 60km from Lao Cai. The market is open every week, attracts crowds of locals and travelers to join. But Bac Ha fair is mainly the trading place of ethnic minority people from nearby villages. The booths display all the essential items such as clothes, shoes, shovels and belongings. In Bac Ha fair, you can feel the real atmosphere of local markets and buy many gifts at cheap prices.

7. Overnight at the Homestay of a Minority Family

Staying at the homestay of a minority family, enjoying unique local dishes and waking up in a remote village away from the town center will be great experiences that you cannot forget. 

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11 Fascinating Experiences in Sapa During September 3
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8. Contemplate Spectacular Scenery on O Quy Ho Mount

Also located on the road to Lai Chau, passing through Silver and Love waterfalls, you will visit O Quy Ho Pass - one of the four great passes of the mountainous area in the north. Standing on the top of the pass you can see winding paths connecting two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. Besides is the spectacular Hoang Lien Son range.

9. Try the local food

Breakfast: Con Sui -  dishes that you should not miss. The chicken noodle soup sold in front of the town bus station or in Sapa market has quality at  a reasonable price.

Lunch – Dinner: There are many restaurants around town. Sapa vegetable dishes are a must-try for tourists, they are especially fresh and clean. In the evening, you can order chicken hot pot dishes with fresh vegetables.

Overnight meals and snacks: Eat the night, snack on grilled dishes like grilled eggs, grilled meat on the sidewalk near the church on the way to Ham Rong Mountain.

You can try the most popular dishes such as Lon Cap Nach. It is a Mong people’s special breed of pig fed with potato and cassava, usually having a weight of 5-8 kg. The meat can be marinated for grilling or roasting, sipping with a little bit of apple cider on fire. Dishes made from salmon or sturgeon are also worth a try. As they are raised in lakes and streams in the mountains, their meat has a different taste than others.

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10. Buy souvenirs

Brocade: Choose decorative brocade or items with brocade materials such as scarf, bag, backpack, pillowcase, skirt, dress, blanket… Cau May street has some potential shops for travelers like Nguyen Lang Van shop, Hue Silk shop, Pho Nui Sapa brocade shop, Lan Rung Sapa brocade shop…

At a small corner on its 2nd floor, Sapa market also sells many kinds of brocade of ethnic people with many patterns of Mong people. If you’re interested in H’mong customers with brocade, the first route in Inspitrip tour with local is a good choice.

Medicinal herbs: It’s easy to find medicinal substances such as licorice, lotus seeds, honey, Lingzhi mushrooms… in traditional medicine shops.

Souvenirs: You can buy some jewelry made of gold, silver or handicrafts in shops on Cau May, Muong Hoa, Fansipan like Viet Silver, Muong Hoa Shop, Sapa Silver, Woodcarving Shop…

11. Explore an Unspoiled Sapa

There are some places in Sapa without tourists, noise, dust or trading ... - the villages in Sau Chua, Thanh Kim, Nam Sai, Nam Cang ... There will be only you, the sound of forest and stream, terraced fields and the spectacular Hoang Lien Son mountain range. 

Hopefully the above information will help you get a great tour to explore Sapa in this September. Do not hesitate if you have any questions about Sapa, we are always ready to support you at any time. Your happy trip is the driving force for us!

Have fun on every journey to Vietnam!

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