Old Quarter vs French Quarter in Hanoi: What is best?

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The best way to experience the Hanoi is through a walking city tour. Just wandering around and admiring this controversial part of the city

Old Quarter vs French Quarter in Hanoi: What is best?
Photo by Richard Mortel
Old Quarter vs French Quarter

What is best?

They are both very characteristic.

The old quarter is more Vietnamese in style, still with some local life and cheaper prices in both accommodations and restaurants

The French Quarter is more French in style, there is much more open space, it’s more liveable and you do not feel almost oppressed by the tiny lanes and the chaotic traffic of the Old Quarter. It’s more of an Asian European experience but with a step back in time, in early 1900.

Old Quarter vs French Quarter in Hanoi: What is best? 2
Photo by ltlskt-dhxd.com
If you are after a higher class hotel, a quieter night and maybe a beautiful grand architecture then the French Quarter is a better option.

Keep in mind that you can always walk between the two areas in 10-20 minutes. 

One of the most prominent activities in Hanoi is the walking city tour. A trip to famous spots, unique architectural buildings where you get interesting experiences, enjoy typical local dishes.

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