Hong Kong Tatler lists out seven best dishes in Hanoi

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Hanoi is one of Asia’s oldest cities, visitors will have a chance to enjoy a good traditional on the street food in the labyrinth-like alleys. Hong Kong Tatler, a Hong Kong ultimate guide to luxury lifestyle, has picked seven best dishes for visitors who want to discover the beauty in Hanoi cuisine.
According to Hong Kong Tatler, one of the best food that you have try is pho. In Vietnam, pho is commonly choosen for breakfast, as the delicately spiced soup is restorative, awakening senses and setting the stage for a good day.

“There is no shortage of pho shops dishing out versions of Vietnam’s de facto national dish, but Pho Gia Truyen stands out as being one of the best with its expertly judged broth, light and bouncy rice noodles, and tender pieces of brisket,” Hong Kong Tatler wrote.

Hong Kong Tatler also picked bun cha ((barbecued pork with rice vermicelli) as one of the best dishes in Hanoi. Visiting Hanoi and not indulging in street-side bun cha and nem cua be may as well be classified as a capital offense. The quintessential Hanoi specialty is famously served at Bun Cha 34 (at 34 Hang Than).

Hong Kong Tatler lists out seven best dishes in Hanoi 1
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Bun cha is essentially a smoky barbecued pork patty marinated or minced with garlic, shallots, and fish sauce, enjoyed with vermicelli noodles, fresh mint, coriander, lettuce and pickles.

In addition, Banh My Sot Vang Hang Bong is one of the good food for a taste of history. In Banh My Sot Vang Hang Bong, where crispy loaves of baguette-esque banh my is served with a thin beef stew that’s similar to boeuf au vin or boeuf bourguignon but adapted for the Vietnamese palate.

Diners sit on short plastic stools while hovering over metal trays of bread and stew and cups of soya bean milk. If you’re feeling up for it, order a side plate of pâté, luncheon meat, cucumbers and egg doused in a secret sauce to go with your dipping stew.

There are many dishes visitors might choose to try in Hanoi, such as enjoy a cup of egg coffee, a Hanoi speciality in which dense Vietnamese coffee shop is topped with a meringue-like egg white and sweetened condensed milk foam. In addition, you can try many kinds of Vietnamese foods in Cau Go Street or take a walk at Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market, and more.

Earlier, Hello Magazine has named Hanoi the number one city on its seven destinations in Asia for backpackers.

Ideal for travelers on a tight budget, Vietnam's capital city is one of the cheapest destinations for backpackers. “Not only is accommodation and food reamarkably affordable, but you’ll be spoiled for choice of things to see and do in the city, which has a mix of Southeast Asian, Chinese and French influences,” Hello magazine wrote.

The number of tourists to Hanoi in the first half of 2018 was estimated at 13.1 million, up 10% from the same period last year. The city received about three million foreign tourists in the period, up 26% year on year, according to the municipal Department of Tourism.

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