Explore the "deepest canyon in Southeast Asia" in Vietnam

Nga Do
Unlike previous Ha Giang explorers itinerary, the Tu San canyon is a new destination for Ha Giang tours. It not only brings exciting experiences but it is also an extremely new place for tourists to love Ha Giang tourism. So, what it is?

Tu San canyon with Nho Que river is considered one of the deepest and most unique canyons in Vietnam. Originating from the mountainous area of ​​Nghiem Son - Yunnan (China). The Nho Que River flows into Vietnam from the village of Seo Lung in Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, passes through the Tu San Canyon and runs along Ma Pi Leng Pass.

With the height of 1500m, flowing in the Northwest - Southeast, the Nho Que River at the foot of the Tu San canyon brings poetic beauty, mysterious like a jade fanciful thread, hidden between the mountains of the Northeast rugged and wilderness.

Standing on top of majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass for four seasons, breezy clouds, the view of the Tu San canyon - the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia. You will feel the beauty of the heart of the Nho Que river winding softly around the foot of the mountain.

If Ha Giang is your favorite place, come here and discover interesting things here with Vietnam Typical Tours, exciting experiences awaiting you to explore.

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