Sapa Autumn - amazing time in Sapa

Nga Do
In autumn, people come to the mountainous district of Sapa to get enthralled by its beautiful natural landscapes, and the atmosphere of peace and tranquility and simple life of indigenous people.

Sapa is located in the northwest of our country, so the weather here is quite pleasant. However, there are specific characteristics of the season, such as hot summer weather at noon, winter coldness at night, or the sudden rains,… Autumn of Sapa is different from one of any season, the coolness here lasts all day, only in the evening and early in the morning, the weather is a little colder due to the thick fog here.

Enjoying the mild weather, sunny day warm day plus a little cold left from last night – everything is quite ideal for tourist activities here such as visiting the tourist sites, enjoying an outdoor picnic,… or you can also go hiking, camping, trekking to villages of Sapa,… without worrying about the weather.

If you are looking forward to admiring the rice season of Sapa, then you have to travel to Sapa in the Fall. Because the time from the end of August to the beginning of October is the best time to watch Sapa rice season.

Autumn is also the time when Highlanders prepare to harvest rice. The rice terraces in Sapa suddenly changes the color, it looks like they’re wearing a new shirt with a stunning yellow highlighted in the clear blue sky.

If you have a chance to visit Sapa this time September this is Amazing time in Sapa. Autumn is so beautiful, Some time you can see cloud some time you can see beautiful sky, So magical that, The cloud just come and go very quickly. The town appear and disappear very often. The beautiful time is morning time. Then you can enjoy beautiful view of nature, The mountainous area and the village. If you are a professional photographer you should come this time for more great picture. Actually I do not have much words to say about beautiful of Sapa this time, So please come then you will see.

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