Ha Giang is strange that everyone wants to visit in October?

Nga Do
The fields of buckwheat flowers in the Ha Giang rocky plateau are blossomed brilliantly in October, the terraces of thousands of gold make the plateau become the destination of those who love travel, love the beautiful dress. The road to this place is quite craggy and difficult.

The buckwheat period lasts from the beginning of October to the end of December, which is characteristic of Ha Giang. These months all over the road from Tam Son or to Sung La, Pho Bang, Sa Phin, Ma Le ... flowers buckwheat tremendous circuit blooming. Do not know when, this flower is the people on the Dong Van Plateau as well as the visitors across the country to call the "flower of stone". At that time, everywhere in the territory of the Ha Giang as a new coat color when the flower buckwheat season is coming.

Sung La is considered the most beautiful triangle flower sight in Ha Giang with the beautiful flower carpet, pink flower petals. Especially, when you come to Sung La, you have the opportunity to stop and visit the house that was filmed in the movie "House of Pao" or to participate in the Sung La market on a busy Sunday morning with Mong people and Lo Lo ethnic.

Pho Bang - an ancient village of a hundred years old with roof houses characteristic of the Chinese. Pho Bang is also famous for its rosewood orchards, which are planted out of valleys and beautifully transplanted buckwheat fields.

Lung Cu - the north pole of the Fatherland, more than 20km away from the Palace of Vuong, where the headland. At the foot of the Lung Cu flag pole and the road to Lung Cu, there are many fields of iridescent buckwheat flowers for tourists to admire and capture the most impressive frames.

Go to Lung Táo, in addition to admire the majestic mountain ranges, visitors also have to be stunned by the buckwheat rice fields planted on the hillside. However, to view the most beautiful scene you will have to climb very high points.

The field of triangle flowers at the foot of the Ma Pi Leng Pass is also promising to be one of the attractions attracting visitors to Meo Vac excursiones and sightseeing.

In addition to the buckwheat flower field to Ha Giang in October you will also feel the endless beauty of terraced fields golden yellow. This is one of the features of the Northern mountain regoin.

In these days, the sun is pouring into the terraces fileds, at the same time Mong people, Nung people in Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province harvest rice. The layers of "wave" terraces here make visitors fascinated. Our Ha Giang itinerary are sure to surprise visitors with experiences here, as well as local guides who are knowledgeable and fun.

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