Discover the traditional cuisine of the North West at Fansipan

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Highland specialties and cultural activities of the Northwest will be reproduced at the Northwest Culinary and Cultural Space Festival 2018.

Discover the traditional cuisine of the North West at Fansipan
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend
This is the second festival held at Sun World Fansipan Legend, with the desire to honor the traditional cultural values, create unique entertainment destination for visitors this summer. The program runs from July 22 to August 12.

Culinary Festival and Northwestern Cultural Space 2018 includes 3 festive areas with a variety of activities to help visitors discover the full life of the people of North West.

Fansipan cable car station is a gastronomic route with eye-catching pavilions of the highlanders, which will take visitors on the exciting Northwest trip. Hundreds of specialty dishes such as Khau Phuc, Thang Co Bac Ha, Sa Pa sausage ... are prepared by the hands of "chefs" from the upland ethnic groups of Sa Pa and Bac Ha. The dishes are brought in and processed right in the dining space, providing a unique non-festival experience for visitors.

In the midst of cool summer weather in Fansipan, visitors will be delighted to discover the Northwestern dishes such as Pig, Mac Khen, stream fish, sausage, Sapa buffalo meat upstairs kitche and sticky rice,...

Also at the festival, the most popular products of ethnic groups such as bamboo shoots, wild vegetables and fruits, brocade and ethnic items will be sold, so that visitors can "package the Northwest" brought back .

At the wine area, visitors not only learn the process of creating special drinks of the Northwest, but also manually participate in the traditional cooking process. Grains, glazes from the leaves of the forest and special materials of the indigenous people were carefully mopped up during the two months to bring the festival, giving the best wines.

The festival also reappear the Dao wedding at 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays to give visitors an enjoyable experience on their journey to Fansipan this summer.

After enjoying the culinary feast and taking part in cultural activities, visitors can also explore the scenic beauty of the Northwest Mountains at Sun World Fansipan Legend. Visitors can admire the mountains of Hoang Lien with wonderful villages in Muong Hoa valley from the cable car; admire the white clouds from the legendary Fansipan peak; go between the pure world of the great psychic work on the peak; Or simply go for a stroll in the lush pink garden behind the local market ... enough to bring you to the experience that is not always there.

Itinerary to Sapa from Hanoi can not be more attractive at this time. The book tour now and wait for the day to discover it!

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