Vietnam entered the top 10 in amazing Asia itinerary in the British newspaper

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The Telegraph newspaper published the opinion of travel expert Lee Cobaj about 10 trips across Asia using all modes of transport, from tuk-tuks to camels.

1. Tuk-tuk around Thailand

Thailand's colorful tuk-tuk cars are one of the most recognizable symbols of the country. Guests can learn how to drive to experientces a 13-night trip in Thailand with Wix Squared.

Vietnam entered the top 10 in amazing Asia itinerary in the British newspaper
Photo by Danh Phu
2. Enjoy Vietnam by bike

After experiencing the excitement in Bangkok and Phuket, travelers can take a tuk-tuk ride through the countryside of Thailand, with a visit to the elephant sanctuary and stay in the old style hotels. on the mountains.

The cycling tour from North to South Vietnam will take visitors from the lakes and shady roads to the hills and rice fields of Mai Chau, limestone mountains of Ninh Binh and the ancient cities like Hue and Hoi An. The 15-day adventure will end in Ho Chi Minh City, with an unforgettable trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels, built during the American War.

3. Cruise on the magical Mekong

The itinerary 14-night of from saga to the Mekong River brings a perfect mix of big cities, cultural transformations and lazy days on the 12th longest river in the world.

Spend the first two nights of eating and shopping in Ho Chi Minh City, before boarding RV Mekong Pandaw - an old steamboat with 24 state rooms and a seven-night cruise through the wilderness of Vietnam and Cambodia and ended with astonishment at Angkor Wat.

4. Himalayan Plateau

Titan Travel is the only tour operator in the UK offering trips to the world's tallest cruise line, Lhasa Express. This route, from the Tibetan capital down to Xining in China, is just one part of an impressive 19-night tour, including many of China's most impressive landscapes, from the Great Wall and the terracotta Military to Shanghai is full of brilliant light to the diverse ethnic and cultural cities of Yunnan.

5. Angkor Wat viewed from above

UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat is the largest religious complex in the world - and there is no better way to enjoy this place more fully and more majestically from above.

6. Romantic train journey

In the Indochina tour of Inside Asia, Guests will have 15 nights to experience some of the most fascinating attractions in Southeast Asia - Halong Bay, Luang Prabang, Phnom Penh - and have You can go to Angko Wat in the morning to watch Angko.

Scott Dunn's 16-night luxury and romance journey from the plateau to the island by boat will take visitors to the ancient temples and shimmering paddies of Chiang Mai, the luxurious riverside resort of Bangkok. , a three-night stay in Singapore on the elegant Eastern and Orient Express, together with a week of rest between the turquoise Andaman Sea and white sand beaches like diamonds in Langkawi, Malaysia.

7. Ride the camels in Mongolia

Riding a camel and camping in the middle of the Gobi desert is one of the thrilling sensations in the 15-day Mongolian tour with the Travel Steppes. Other memorable experiences include visits to the beautiful Tibetan Buddhist monastery Gandan, meet nomadic herdsmen in rural Hogno Khan and sShopping for cashmere wool at Ulaanbaatar.

8. Asia tour by private plane

This 16-night adventure departs at Aman's newest luxury hotel, Amanyangyun - a traditional resort on the outskirts of Shanghai. From here, travelers board a 16-seater jetliner to Amandayan - Amanay's beautifully designed hotel in Yunnan - and travel on the gravel roads of Lijiang before heading to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Followed by river cruises and hunting in Rajasthan and Ranthambore, before reaching the final destination is Sri Lanka.

9. Explore Rajasthan on a saddle

You will return to the ancient times during the 12-night trip of the company Wild Frontier to Rajasthan, which includes seven nights riding through the ancient desert kingdom of Marwari. Speed on the sand dunes, along the sandy rivers and on the red mountains, through the tribal villages and explore the wildlife - hawks, antelopes, porcupines - along the way. This trip to nature ended in a bedtime frame, with comfortable stays in restored castles, forts and camps along the way.

10. In the air in Kyushu

The tropical volcanoes, misty mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, rice fields, Japanese gardens, samurai castles, world class museums and ancient cities. are the highlights of the Inside Japan tour of Kyushu Elements, along with a 200mph moving to Nagasaki on the Shinkansen, a jet-skiing trip to the tropics. Yakushima, a thrilling helicopter flight on Mount Aso - the largest active volcano in Japan; Take the spectacular cable car to Mt. Nakadake.

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