The most famous dish in Sapa

Nga Do
Sapa tour not only attracts visitors by charming scenery of mountains, but also delicious dishes. Sapa is a small town located in northwestern Vietnam, with the height of around 1,500 meters above sea level. Sapa town is always covered by clouds and fog, creating a dreamy landscape. It is the land of rice terraces, lush fields, and the highest mountain peak in Vietnam, Mount Fansipan (you might consider Conquering Mount Fansipan the Right Way). Sapa is also host to many minority tribes who have established the unique diversity of this land. Hence, the cuisine culture of Sapa is unrivaled and you will not regret trying food in Sapa. Special is Sapa salmon fish.

Previously, the salmon was only known in the coast of Northern Europe and the America. After applying several methods, the famous specie fish was present in Sa Pa and quickly became the food having been much loved.

Salmon in Sapa brings a unique flavor, flesh-toned, low-fat, fresh red meat which is very nutritious.  Hotpot broth cooked with salmon bones so sweet, will be eaten with fresh vegetables. Going to any restaurant in this Sapa town, you are easy to call the delicious dishes made from salmon as salad, fried ruffled, baking, shrimp ...and hotpot is
the most popular.

With these skilful hands, salmon hotpot has no fishy at all. moreover, this kind of dish become more charming when it is combined with the forest vegetables. In the cold of the mountains, sipping a cup of wild apple wine beside a steaming hot pot will bring an unforgettable experience.

Therefore, if you travel here, do not miss this attractive dish! Check out Sapa Vietnam trip at:

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