Step into the magical world of the most beautiful cave of the Dong Van Rock Plateau

Nga Do
Lung Khuy cave in the northernmost province of Ha Giang has become a tourist destination since early 2015. It is considered the most beautiful cave in the Dong Van Karst Plateau GeoPark

Step into the magical world of the most beautiful cave of the Dong Van Rock Plateau 1
Photo by Valentin lau
Located in Lung Khuy village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Lung Khuy cave is in the middle of a high mountain, where it is cool in summer but not very cold in winter. It is home to a large number of stalactites of strange shapes, which were formed millions of years ago.

After arrival, tourists snake along a nearly 1km trekking path in the mountain gorge to reach the cave’s entrance. On the way to the cave, tourists can see beautiful stilt houses of the people of the H’Mong ethnic minority group built in the mountain side.

With a length of nearly 300m, Lung Khuy cave has different branches and multi-layer cliffs, all creating a miraculous view that makes the cave unique. Particularly, the many stalactites coming out of the cave ceiling stimulate tourists’ imagination, as the further tourists go into the cave, the more wonderful and colorful they become. These stalactites, 1-2m in length, look like teeth of a comb or lithophone (the curious musical instrument comprising stones of various lengths which produce musical notes when struck). These are just some of the imaginings which arise when encountering these caves.

You will be transformed into an explorer exploring every corner of the cave, admire the beautiful stalactites, strange creatures in the cave and listen to echoes like the sound of drops of water falling from The cave hangs up, melting into the deep melody.

Step into the magical world of the most beautiful cave of the Dong Van Rock Plateau 2
Photo by Ichi.traveljournal
Lung Khuy Cave possesses an amazingly beautiful stalactite populations! Each yarn has contributed to create a masterpiece of art in this cave. The huge stalactites are like solid towers and majesty, or look like a crystal flower transparent sparkling brilliant colors. In front of the unique shapes of stalactites created over millions of years, each distant traveler will be able to see, associate and create in his own way.

The cliffs also have many weird shapes, such as the soft silk, the long hair of the girl and the wall "stone bloom ", the wall "guitar god" can emit sound when tapping on it, creates the unique and individual tone of the rock. In addition, throughout the length of about 300 m with many different branches, you will find the mystery of the original cave and the ability to decipher these mysteries!

As you step inside the cave and admire the beauty of Lung Khuy Cave, you will be more surprised and overwhelmed, full of excitement, excitement exploring the wonders of nature and rare. Imagine being in the paradise of stalactites.

The magnificent beauty of the Lung Khuy cave seems to have no words can perform completely. Those who have discovered and admired this cave will remember forever the memories, keep their memories, deep impression difficult to fade in the most beautiful cave Ha Giang. Take part in exciting trips to explore the Ha Giang rocky plateau with friends:

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