Sapa's Specialty Vegetables Once Eat Is Remembered Forever

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Apart from beautiful landscapes of mountains, terraces, and forests, enjoying the culinary specialties in Sapa will make your experience fantastic, especially vegetable. In this post, we will share you top must-eat vegetable in Sapa that you should not miss when traveling here.
1. Cải Mèo vegetable

Cải Mèo vegetable, very easy to eat. This is the main vegetable in daily meals of people in highland Sapa. Cải Mèo are delicious and crunchy, and should be processed into a variety of dishes. Although simple or sophisticated processing, cookers often turn round to break the vegetables into segments instead of taking the knife, so as to keep the sweet nature of natural goods.

Cải Mèo is cooked by local people in many ways: sauteed, cooked, boiled or used to eat hot pot. Normally, simply sliced, gingered and poured into boiling water is a cool soup, suitable for diners. Quite more, vegetables can be cooked with chicken broth tangled, do not forget to spice ginger, seasoned sauce, salt, the person will enjoy a unique taste. The sweetness of the chicken is sweet with sweet, bitter taste of vegetables to make people eat not feel bored.

Cải Mèo are also attractive if fried with beef, especially smoked meat. The stringy vegetables, bitter taste combined with flesh meat has a very strong flavor to create special characteristics for highland cuisine. Many people also use cats in the list of vegetables to eat hot pot.

2. Su Su vegetable

Su Su vegetables are available in many places but they are better in Sa Pa. Sapa is planted high and sloping but Sapa people still make scaffold carefully so that the Su Su vegetable that climb with the advantage of the weather. That is probably why Su Su vegetables or Su Su fruits in Sapa are crispy, sweet and fragrant than those grown in other places.

3. Sour vegetable (Chua vegetable)

Chua vegetable is one of the familiar vegetables of Sapa in daily meals of local people here. Leaves of vegetables As the name suggests, sour taste, cool eating is sweet, often eaten as the herbs of the lowland, eat with fatty foods to help feel fat as boiled meat, meat pigs, pigs ....

4. Ngồng vegetable

Ngồng vegetable is also one of the famous vegetables in Sapa. Called Ngồng vegetables by the budded stems of old and stunted vegetables. There are many kinds of ngong, such as the stems of garlic, cabbage, kohlrabi, and chayote. Ngong is best served fried with garlic or various kinds of meat.

5. Peas vegetable

Vegetable peas are quite strange vegetables with many visitors because not everywhere there is. This creeping tree also gives the sweet and delicious vegetables. Peas are grown and grown in scaffold, tops are very small but soft in pale blue. Often people use this type of vegetable to cook with minced meat, bone ... or simply cooked with water but incredibly sweet.

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