The amazing beauty of rocks mingled with water in Quang Ninh

Nga Do
Located in Co To Island, Quang Ninh Province, Mong Rong (Dragon Claw) Rock Area is a favourite destination for visitors to the island.
The rocky area, also called Cau Mi, covers more than 40 hectares, stretching two kilometres northeast to southwest of the island. It has large rocks and mountains reaching out to the sea which look like dragon claws, and thus is called Mong Rong.

Photo by buianhha on the Flickr
We arrived at noon on a sunny day when the temperature reached around 40°C. We had a chance to see the amazing beauty of rocks mingled with water. Layers of rock cliffs with diverse shapes created sheer or tilted rock pillars of different heights that sparkled colourfully in the sunshine.

Unlike rocks formed in caves, geological research shows that Mong Rong is a system of sedimentary rocks that have been eroded by sea water for tens of thousands of years, creating a picturesque scene on Co To Island. The views in the area are particularly fantastic at sunrise when the shining rocks match perfectly with the waves.

Visiting Mong Rong Rock Area, tourists have a chance to discover the wild beauty of nature which can be found nowhere else. Climbing on rock mounds in Mong Rong, one can sea the clear blue water while hearing the whispers of waves splashing against layers of sedimentary rocks. On sunny days, the place is ideal for taking photos.

While climbing to the peak of the mountain, we saw a stunning view of clear blue sea, white smooth sand and shining rock cliffs. The harmony of the sea and mountains in Mong Rong truly makes it a worthwhile place to visit on Co To island.

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