Riding on 10 majestic roads in Vietnam

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Are you planning your next vacation with visits to places you've missed in the past year? Certainly you will underline some travel somewhere in the world and Vietnam is one of the options that make you wonder. It's a destination famous for breathtaking natural scenery, exciting experiences Vietnam has attracted you from the first contact.

Riding on 10 majestic roads in Vietnam
Photo by Q.Hưng
Just as the US has its Route 66, Vietnam has its symbolic roads too. Join me as we explore some of Vietnam’s best road trips that you should definitely add to your bucket list!

No1: Happy road: Ha Giang - Dong Van

Every traveler's favorite journey to Ha Giang - a province in the northeast of Vietnam is the Happiness road stretching from Ha Giang city to Dong Van district, Meo Vac. The winding, bumpy roads in Ha Giang are not for beginner drivers. However, the majestic scenery of the mountains and forests along the limestone bend along the road is always worthy of reward for anyone who set foot here.

No2: O Quy Ho pass

Being one of the four mountain passes in the North, O Quy Ho is also a challenging but charismatic experience with the people. The pass is nearly 50 km long, located on 4D Highway, starting from Sa Pa to Tam Duong junction, Lai Chau. In 2013, the pass is recognized as the longest in Vietnam.

No3: Ho Chi Minh Trail 

Ho Chi Minh Road through the territory of 28 provinces, cities stretching from Cao Bang to Ca Mau. In the resistance period, the Ho Chi Minh Trail started from Nghe An (Tan Ky Town, Tan Ky District, marked by the 0 milestone) to Ca Mau Mui. Later, the new road was extended and stretching to Xuan Mai town, Hanoi city.

Hai Van Pass. Photo by Tuabiht Rellahcs
No4: Hai Van pass

As the route connecting Lang Co, Hue and Da Nang, Hai Van Pass was dubbed " the most grandiose gateway in the world". On sunny days, standing from the pass, you can see the sea blue, sparkling between the winding mountains, majestic. When the clouds are dark, the range on the pass is obscured, everything sinks into the fog mystical, mysterious.

No5: The road on Binh Ba island

Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province. This is a relatively untouched island, with little interference from tourism services. This place is suitable for short sea and island tours, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Walking around the island, you will encounter the road sunbathing, floating between the beautiful nature, four blue sea water, clear.

No6: Bau Trang road in Luong Son

Bau Trang is about 65km northeast of Phan Thiet. Visitors can come to Bau Trang by two different routes: From Hon Rom jeep, run along the road to Mui Ne, doc beach; or from Phan Thiet city along Highway 1A to Luong Son, to the fork and turn right.

No7: Road to forest U Minh Thuong

The charm of the deep forest and the bird's sky in the sunset has attracted many tourists to Tra Su and U Minh Thuong. To reach U Minh Thuong, you will have to cross a narrow narrow road hun smoked. The dense vegetation on both sides of the road creates a green dome. Sunshine through each leaf to make this road become more fanciful, beautiful as fairy tales.

Riding on 10 majestic roads in Vietnam
Photo by Dotuanhungdaklak
No8: Phuong Hoang pass

Feeling nervous and exciting, passing the "death" Phuong Hoang, mountain scenery and beautiful beauty very own, very simple village will make you do not leave.

No9: Trekking Ta Nang road - Phan Dung

It is not strange that Ta Nang - Phan Dung is named the most beautiful trekking road in Vietnam with a total distance of up to 55km. Go through 3 provinces of Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, ... you will experience enough from the forest, climbing mountain pass, cross the stream, up the mountain ... But the gift received is extremely worthy of the blue scene of grass eyes trees, the sunshine brilliant, the winding path as you lead to endless paradise ...

No10: Seafaring along the Eo Gio

Visitors will be "treated" with the green scenery of rice fields and orchards along Di Linh district, then to the beautiful Quy Nhon beach, where Han Mac Tu contemplated resting. Have a moment to go through the vast Thi Nai Lagoon with the longest sea bridge in Vietnam or peaceful moments watching the sea and mountains in Eo Gio are worth the experience.

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