Bat Trang Village has been a popular weekend getaway for the locals

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Home to Vietnamese generations of potters, Bat Trang Ceramic Village, a 14th-century porcelain and pottery village in the Gia Lam District of Hanoi, has attracted a large number of visitors every year. The aesthetic curve, the sophisticated white enamel, the soulful drawing line and the graceful silhouette, none of the word can there be used to speak for the beauty of each Bát Tràng ceramic creation.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village, located on the Red River in northern Vietnam, has been an important ceramics center for centuries. The skilled artisans of Bat Trang village have been responsible for carrying on a tradition of making pottery that has a distinctive look.

Bat Trang Village has been a popular weekend getaway for the locals
Photo by Vuong Tri Binh
Bat Trang Ceramic Village, a small village in the north of Vietnam, is about 13 kilometers south east of Hanoi center, on the other side of Chuong Duong bridge. Why is its name popular to most tourists to northern Vietnam? The answer is its ever famous ceramic and pottery products of high quality. If you have known about Vietnam, you may not be surprised that Bat Trang’s vases, bowls, dishes, and many other kinds of ceramic products have been exported worldwide. Should you would like to contemplate workers making ceramic products by hand, just come here! What’s more, you can also try it yourself!

When you go slightly deeper inside, the whole market, where some special snacks such as grilled coconut pies are served, reveals in the opposite of a big workshop. And what makes the place more worth-visiting are some fantastic famous ceramic artists’ houses.

Bat Trang Village has been a popular weekend getaway for the locals 1
Photo by Steven C. Price
To produce a complete product, one must follow 3 steps. The first step is making the product frame. The artists select the suitable clay, treat it and start making a raw product. It must be repaired to get the best appearance. Secondly, they decorate and cover it with glazes. Last but not least, the raw products are baked in 3 days and 3 nights. There are several kinds of kiln, yet the temperature must be at 12000 or 13000. After baking, products are brought out, classified and repaired in case there are mistakes. And now we have the perfect product.

Lastly, there are so many pottery workshops so it is a tough decision to make whether to choose this or that. Therefore, before having the intention of choosing one, remember to ask the owner for the process and the price for making and burning pottery. In the village, you can have some fun and spend time making pottery with your friends. It is an intriguing and hard process but you will learn after all. Most workshop owners are artists and they know how to make this well so you can count on them.

Bat Trang Village has been a popular weekend getaway for the locals 2
Photo by pxhere
The price for sculpturing and folding one, as the last time I came here was around 40.000 Dongs with no time limit. However, if you want to burn pottery and bring it home, it will cost you another 40.000 Dongs or so. In the end, it is still about the moment so take your time and enjoy the beauty.

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