Things that make foreign visitors surprised to Hanoi

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Lost in the old quarter, walking through the train streets or enjoy Pho is what makes Hanoi a mystery destination, full of attraction.

Old Quarter Matrix

With small routes connecting each other, the most ancient center of the capital Hanoi must have caused many tourists to "sweat" to find out. However, compared to domestic tourists, the misperception that international friends lost more than ten times. Bewildered in a completely unfamiliar place, "the street is the same," Vietnamese only speaks a few simple sentences, although the map firmly in hand also difficult to save the situation.

Things that make foreign visitors surprised to Hanoi
Photo by yeowatzup
Therefore, instead of worrying, many visitors have decided to "enjoy" the feeling of being astray, make it a unique experience. There is no need to worry about getting to the right place, Let your feet lead the way, no destination, just turn right, turn left or go straight, you will discover the most about. Colorful streets nostalgic.

Traffic "improvisation"

Beside the pictures of old streets, foreigners coming to Hanoi are very strange and surprised with the experience crossing the crossroads, bustling motorcycles. Llewellyn King, an American journalist, once shared his humor: "To get on the road, take courage and pray. Then, you step straight along the line moving. People here know how to avoid you. "

Things that make foreign visitors surprised to Hanoi 2
Photo by Andrea Schaffer
Not only that, this pen also expressed the impression, excited before how the Vietnamese cleverly moved and managed on the crowded streets. In fact, compared to the strict extremely transport system of Western countries, a little bit of Hanoi's unpredictability has become unforgettable in the eyes of international friends.

Street vendors

Do not know the burden of street vendors in the many people streets has appears ever since, but has long regarded it as a familiar beauty of the city. Perhaps, while indigenous people often flip through easily, foreign visitors linger, enjoying the image of vendor street.

Things that make foreign visitors surprised to Hanoi 3
Photo by Dennis Jarvis
Along the way, the every corner of the capital, it is not difficult to find a vendor street move hastily. Not only bring the rural folk gifts, it also contributes to retain the charm of the capital for thousands of years.

Hanoi street food

It would be a mistake if visitors come to Hanoi without trying to feel the foot rests on a stool on the sidewalk and enjoy any food. Pho, noodle, vermicelli, bread rolls for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, sugar cane, nem sour fried, or sit on the hot pot or grill, one can find enough good at the roadside. When you are familiar with the atmosphere of luxury in the shops, restaurants, a space and crowded, even, a little dusty, bring visitors unforgettable experience.

Things that make foreign visitors surprised to Hanoi 4
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Famous dishes such as noodle with tofu and shrimp sauce, duck eggs are still not widely welcomed. Many foreign tourists said they could not eat a duckling in an egg they saw with their own eyes. Meanwhile, Cha Ruoi is dish isvery satisfied customers, but no one will be sure, they will continue to sip, enjoy this famous dish, after seeing firsthand raw material .

Unique egg coffee

Vietnam is well known as the second largest exporter of coffee in the world. However, before coming to Hanoi, not all foreigners know about the existence of egg coffee. Even if there is no indication from the gourmands, visitors will find it difficult to find a really good place to enjoy this exotic drink.

Things that make foreign visitors surprised to Hanoi 5
Photo by travel oriented
It is a delicate blend of egg and delicious coffee, a small cup of coffee when done, is placed in a bowl of warm water to keep the heat, delicious to the customers. Impressed by the way service and taste different, egg coffee has conquered countless visitors from the first time enjoy.

All that experience will not take up too much of your time, take advantage of your time in Vietnam for your trip to experience more. We believe it will give you the most fun in this journey. For more information, please contact us at:

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