Nho Que River - blue silk on the rocky plateau

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Nho Que River is a famous river located at the foot of the legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass which any traveler when coming to the land of Ha Giang must stop to linger for watching. See the river from the top of the towering mountain, you not only catch a river full of poetic, but also can feel the many wonders, mysteries that this river.

The river starts from China. It runs along border for 16.4km then into Vietnam through Lung Cu Commune in Ha Giang and into Gam River in Cao Bang Province. The river is 192 km long and the length of the section in Vietnam is 46 km with various twists and turns. Because Ha Giang is a mountainous province, Nho Que River mostly runs through dangerous terrains like ravines and deep abyss that is nearly 1,000m high.

Nho Que River - blue silk on the rocky plateau
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
Walking along the length of the river, there are sections flowing through the many layers of sharp rocks, forming numerous white rapids between the valleys, countless bends, rocky banks on the water, whirling, sound is quite "frightening", however, there are also the river flowing smoothly, dreamlike as the gentle beauty of the Northeast girls. The Nho Que River in Ha Giang flows through the Tu San canyon and the Ma Pi Leng Pass is considered very unique and has spectacular scenery, romantic most. River water color is beautiful jade green to charm, make visitors fascinated. The green color of the river water harmony with the green of the mountains, creating beautiful pictures of Ha Giang strange, fascinated anyone.

Nho Que River - blue silk on the rocky plateau 1
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
Standing on Ma Pi leng mount, tourists can contemplate a river like a silky fillet looming in fog which brings tourists a pleasant sensation of a naturally romantic masterpiece. The river is concerned as the mysterious of nature. If you have come to Ha Giang, do not miss this place. a highlight of Ha Giang rocky plateau.

Nho Que River can be considered as one of the symbols of Ha Giang. With a fierce back and calm, Nho Que suddenly became legendary river that perhaps anyone want to travel once to conquer in life.

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