The BEST Vietnamese Street Food

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Outside Vietnam, when people talk about Vietnamese food, it's simple Pho, the sandwich and maybe if you're lucky, Vietnamese coffee gets a mention. But food in Vietnam is so so much more than that! In the land of noodle soup, there are probably hundreds of variations of Pho, and even the same type of Pho can be wildly different in each district. Wherever in Vietnam you go, you should definitely make it a point to try out these 11 best Vietnamese street food experiences we've shortlisted.

The BEST Vietnamese Street Food
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1) Bun Bo hue - The specialty street food Beef and pork broth noodle soup of Hue, Vietnam - It’s absolutely rich and delicious! Found at the Dong Ba market early morning around 730am. Go to the outside of the street market and find the old ladies with big pots of good street food and you’ll discover a ton!

2) Bun Hen - Spicy Clam noodle soup - Also found at the Dong Ba Market in Hue, Vietnam, in the early morning! Just look around the outside of the market, the perimeter, not on the inside.

3) Banh Tam Banana Leaf - wrapped around marinated shrimp - Found directly beside the Bun Hen at Dong Ba market

4) Veg Soup - Also found at Dong Ba Street Food Market in Hue, Vietnam

5) Bun Tith Nuong - Grilled pork over top of rice noodles. These was my favorite meal from Hue, and so cheap at 10,000 Vietnamese dong! Bun Thit Nuong 66 Bạch Đằng

6) Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich - This one was quite average. But still fun to eat! This one was at the intersection of Xuan 68 and Le Thanh Ton street inside Hue’s old city.

7) Douhua Silken Tofu - This was a street food vendor carrying the food on wooden poles, so you have to be lucky at the right place at the right time. We were at the location below around 4:30 PM and she came along.

8) Banh Tran Truong “Vietnamese Pizza made from rice paper”. You can find this one inside the old city on 14 Le Thanh Ton Street in Hue, Vietnam

9) Banh Ep - Flattened rice paper dough with raw egg grilled - Same location as the Vietnamese rice paper pizza

10) Nem Lui Vietnamese Pork Skewers - These were found at 241 Huynh Thuc Khang - TP, Hue, Vietnam

11) Banh Xeo Vietnamese pancakes - Same location as above, 241 Hyun Thuc Khang - TP. Hue, Vietnam

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