Synthesize The Special Festivals in Sapa in The Spring 2018

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Sapa is not only attracted a large number of foreign tourists by its amazing, poetic but pristine natural beauty, the typical local specialties, the untouched terraced fields, stunning winding Muong Hoa Stream but also seduce the hearts of visitors by unique traditional festivals, which are great chance for visitors to learn and discover culture, customs and habits of ethnic minorities living in remote villages in Sapa.

Mau Tuat 2018 year, Sa Pa welcomes visitors with a series of cultural activities, sports , special and meaning, held in most of the famous tourist attractions of the town. There will be many attractive opportunities for visitors to explore and explore this beautiful land.

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1. Northwest Flower Fair

 - Time: from February 3rd 2018 to February 15th 2018(18 to December 30 lunar calendar)

 - place: N 1, Sapa town

 - contents: displaying, selling flowers, bonsai

 - the host: A Dam one member limited liability company

 - coordinator: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sapa Township People's Committee, traders, co-operatives, households flower business.

2. Welcoming the new year 2018

 -  Time: from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm February 15th 2018(December 30 lunar calendar)

 - place: Sapa old bus station

 - contents: Music demonstration for welcoming the new year, praising country.

 - Performer : center of culture, sports and information

3. Fireworks program.   

 - Time: from 9:30 pm February 15th 2018( december 30 lunar calendar)- place: Sapa lake

 - contents: low level fireworks( 15 minutes duration on New Year's Eve night 2018, December 30 lunar calendar)

 - peformer: District Military Command

4. Photos show

 - Time: from February 17th 2018 to February 20th 2018(January 2nd to January 5).

 - place: sapa town square

 - contents: Show 150 photographs of photographers won the prize at Sa Pa photo contest

 - Sponsor: informative cultural department

 - Coordinator: Sapa Township People's Committee, sapa district culture and information center.

5. Pick up the first delegation to visit Sa Pa

 - Time: 9:00am February 16th 2018( the fist day of lunar new year)

 - place: Fansipan cable car station

 - Contents:  Giving presents for the first 22 visitors to sapa national tourism area.

6. Cultural and sporting activities in the town center

 * Tennis friendly match for 88 years anniversary of vietnamese communist party foundation

 - Time: from 8:00 am February 19th 2018( January 4 lunar month)

 - place: sapa town square

 - participants: Athletes of sports clubs in the district, tourists

 * Organizing cultural activities, arts and traditional sports in the town

 - Time : from February 17th 2018 to February 19 2018 ( 2- 4 of January lunar month)

 - place: sapa town square

 - participants: Artisans come from the communes,Athletes of sports clubs in the district, tourists.

 - Contents: Performance of ethnic musical instruments, exchanging love singing,Ong singing,Spring flower singing, Pao playing,Yen playing, tugging war, pushing stick,spinning, stilts walking, Chinese chess,volleyball...

7. Sapa flowers festival- the second H'Mong bamboo flute contest. 

 - Time: from February 18th 2018 to February 25th 2018( January 3rd to January 10th)

 - Place: Fansipan cable station

 - Contents: Showing some species flowers,sapa bonsai, organizing traditional games, dances, folk songs, H'Mong flute contest.

8. Fansipan magnanimity Kung fu contest

 - Time: february 18th 2018

 - Contents: To propagate and encourage people to practice, compete and perform traditional martial arts to improve their health, contribute to improving the cultural and spiritual life, restoring, preserving and promoting the traditional Kung  fu.

9. Ham Rong ecotourism area

 - Time: from February 18th 2018 to february 25th 2018 ( January 3rd to January 10th)

 - place: Ham Rong ecotourism area,sapa town

 - contents: Organizing cultural activities, arts, folk games, serving dishes bearing the identity of highland ethnic groups.

10. Cat Cat tourism area

  - Time: from February 18th 2018 to February 25th 2018( January 3rd to January 10th)

  - place: Cat cat tourism area

 Contents: Organizing cultural activities, arts, folk games, handicraft demonstrations...

11. Organizing folk cultural festivals in villages 2018

*Exchanging love singing festival

 - Date: February 22nd 2018( January 7th)

 - place: Ta phin village

*Gau Tao festival

 - February 24th 2018( January 9th lunar calendar)

 - place: San sa Ho Village

*Cap Sac Ritual

 - February 25th 2018(January 10th lunar month)

 - Place: Ban Khoang village

 *Tay minority xoe dancing festival

 - February 27th 2018(January 12)

 - place: Thanh Phu village

*Xuong Dong festival

 - march 1st 2018(January 14th)

 - Place: Ta Van village

12. Participating in the ceremony of the incense offering ceremony of Thuong temple Lao Cai

Time: February 28th 2018 to march 2nd 2018(13-15 on lunar calendar) at Lao cai province.

13. Participating display pavilions at Thuong temple new year festival of Lao Cai

Time: February 27th 2018 to march 4th 2018(12-16 on lunar calendar) in lao cai province.

Contents: Content: Show, introduce, sell the endemic products of Sa Pa

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