New Experience - Picking Strawberries On Moc Chau Plateau

Nga Do
Long ago, when referring to famous fruit on the Plateau Moc Chau, avocado, peach, plum became familiar names. But now there is a new delicious fruit is also called with the name of the good fruit of the country, it is Moc Chau strawberry. Strawberries eat delicious, re-shaped beautifully so many young people have always been watching until the season to Moc Chau to beautiful scenery and explore the strawberry fruit pods.

Land of thousands of flowers "Dalat" has attracted tourists far and near by the vast strawberry orchard, strawberry fruit can be eaten right at the garden. But nowhere do you need to go so far, just passing 220km, many beautiful strawberry gardens are waiting for you!

Strawberries have been planted in Moc Chau since 2013 with many different varieties such as USA, Japan, Korea or New Zealand. So far, the strawberry farms in Moc Chau have achieved certain success with American and Japanese strawberry varieties.

If you want to go to Moc Chau to pick strawberries, you can go from December to mid-May. This period ensures you can still enjoy delicious fruits, again hunting beautiful photos between strawberry garden.

Moc Chau strawberries of some gardeners have been recognized as hygienic food safety, so you can pick and enjoy the strawberries right at the garden!

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