Moc Chau Tourism And Special Agricultural Products

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Moc Chau Plateau is not only attracted by attractive natural landscapes, fresh air and friendly hospitable people that you will not be able to resist when enjoying unique agricultural products only in this place.

#1: Green Tea

The green tea hills stretching out at Moc Chau not only create a beautiful sight for visitors to visit, photograph and mark the anniversary, more than 3000 hectares of tea plantations in Moc Chau also bring delicious varieties of specialty tea, This is the main source of income for many households here.

The famous tea varieties such as San Tuyet, Bat Tien, O Long ... all contribute on this tea.

#2: Plum

About 4.5 months is when plum Moc Chau entered the harvest. At this point, you will see the vast plum orchard stretches to the top of the hill, the fruit lulled on the branch makes visitors feel as if they are lost in the land of fruit paint full of poetry.

Enjoy fresh ripe plums right in the garden and buy plums as a gift.

#3: Peach

Coming to Moc Chau on the last day of May every year, you will meet the sellers of fresh plum, fresh peach along Highway 6.

Common cultivars here originate from France, USA, when ripe is light yellow and slightly red. When eating Moc Chau not sweet but sour, sweet sweet and fragrant.

#4: Avocado fruit

Moc Chau avocado is known past few years, because avocado Moc Chau is sticky avocado, avocado pomades, greasy, less fiber. To Moc Chau, people rarely use avocado smoothies, how to eat the most popular is avocado mixed sugar, or avocado mixed beam crushed yogurt, condensed milk. Add a little ice or refrigerated for a few hours, eat cool and extremely sweet.

Moc Chau avocado usually flowers from approximately November to July each year and shall be collected. There are many types, but often the avocado-shaped bulb is the most delicious, fruit avocado often not immediately rolled by and cheaper.

Avocado is often sold at markets Moc Chau town, Moc Chau farm towns and peach garden T- Junction area (located on Highway 6).

#5: Fresh cow's milk

The meadow Moc Chau is the cradle that produces pure fresh milk cows that are dotted around the place.

With more than 10,000 black cows, Dutch daily milk production, Moc Chau has long been famous for dairy products such as fresh milk, pasteurized milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, milk Do not forget to visit and enjoy the farm and dairy plant here.

Moc Chau plateau is an ideal destination for tourists who love photography. You want to explore it? please contact us at:

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