When To Travel Hoi An Ancient Town?

Nga Do
A Hoi An with colorful lanterned nights, a Hoi An with cristinely old plain houses and special mysterious cultural elements, and a Hoi An with the Etiquette & culturally hospitable and friendly people are warmly welcoming you! Are you ready to take a culture discovery journey?

14th lunar month – The moment of the light party

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This is a very interesting time for tourists to Hoi An. Since this is a full moon day, all the family in the old town of Hoi An will turn off the lights and light lanterns. Visitors will be "glittering" with bright colorful lanterns. Turn off the lights and light lantern is a very interesting, interesting, as an indispensable spiritual food of the ancient town of Hoi An. Besides the lantern, the 14th lunar month Hoi An also has other festive features that make visitors can not ignore such as drop flower lanterns, singing tuong.

From February to April – Best time to relax

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In the dry season, the weather is cool, pleasant. Guests have to come here with family and friends to enjoy the holiday together, sip some tea, walk around the old town and enjoy the special dishes of Hoi An.

From May to July – Sea tourism

Near the end of dry season, the weather in Hoi An suitable for tourists to go to sea and Cu Lao Cham, An Bang, Cua Dai beach. Visitors can lie on the sand with golden sun and blue sea, what better?

Photo by Broesis
So, coming to Hoi An in the summer will certainly be more crowded. However, because of the high season, Hoi An also has many incentive and promotion to attract tourists. This will be the season of family travel, travel with friends.

From October to December – Romantic moments

Photo by Tassla
This time is in the rainy season so visitors can sail through the old town, routing the water line listening to wave boat. But should consider when going to this time, Hoi An pretty much rain so often wet and very susceptible to cold. Travelers should equip themselves with rain clothes so that they do not get sick on the move.

Hoi An has definitely left quite an imprint in your memories, with its gentle demeanors and poetic beauty. Organize, streamline your day-to-day work and plan your free time to plan a day of exploring new things in Hoi An.

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