Gau Tao Festival - The Typical Culture Of The Hmong People On The Rocky Plateau

Nga Do
Gau Tao festival is one of the most important event of the H'mong in Ha Giang. It happens during the first 15 days of the lunar new year. This is the time where the H'mong thank the gods for good fortune of the last year and pray for a happy and peaceful new year.

This is the traditional festival of the Mong ethnic community in Duong Thuong commune, Yen Minh district, associated with the belief of warm and happy. The festival is held on a family scale with the support of the community. Normally, when a Mong family does not have children, few children or have sick or business is not favorable ..., they will ask gods to give their children, health or business reached. When the prayers come true, they will perform the ceremony to thank the goddess. According to custom, the festival takes place in two days in the spring two consecutive years, usually by two families have blood relations or communicate with each other and share the same situation together celebrate the festival. Each year, a tree (bamboo) will be planted so that the two hosts take turns to bring happiness and fortune. 

The location of the Gau Tao (also known as Doi Hoi) is a low hill, with a flat top forming a large land and surrounded by higher hills. The H'mong notion, the hill holds the Gau Tao symbolizing the owner's destiny; high hills in the back represent growth, more children than parents, more fortunes.

Coming to Gau Tau in Duong Thuong commune, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the traditional culture of the Mong people here, especially when the New Year, spring. At the same time to participate in many interesting and exciting folk games such as: dancing, singing, climbing, rotating, swinging, pulling, push rod ...

This Gau Tao festival, which is community-based, is associated with the spiritual life of the Mong people in Duong Thuong commune in particular and the communes in the common area. To affirm the historical and cultural values ​​as well as the need to protect and promote the value of the cultural heritage of the Mong people, in December, the People's Committee of Duong Thuong will organize the Festival of Gau Tao Mong people in Thuong Duong to attract tourists and create the premise to bring this festival become a typical tourist products in the of the Dong Van stone plateau geological park.

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