What to Eat in Hanoi Vietnam in The Breakfast?

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The Vietnamese rise early and work hard, and a nourishing morning meal along with some rocket-fuel coffee goes a long way toward setting up the day. The breakfast staple is, of course, pho, and its warming goodness shouldn't be missed. Western-style sustenance—from crepes to steak and eggs—is also easy to find within the city. If you have a during to stay in Hanoi, getting up early and exploring Hanoi for breakfast is a really great experience.

Banh Mi

Bánh mì is a Hanoi breakfast item for all kinds of bread. Vietnamese people improved it become Vietnamese sandwich with grill meat/sausage/pate/ fried egg and coriander, cucumber slices inside.

What to Eat in Hanoi Vietnam in The Breakfast?
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Bánh Mì is very popular in Hanoi. Specially in mornings, tourist can see small ambulatory stores on every street in Hanoi. Bread or more specifically the baguette, was introduced by the French during its colonial period. But the best Bánh Mì Vietnam is in Hoi An which any article about Hoi An local food also can not miss. And Bánh Mì is also quite famous in the world.

Phở (Noodle soup)

Phở is among the most well known Vietnamese dishes by foreigners, and it is frequently served in Vietnamese restaurants around the world. The best place to have phở is definitely Hanoi, even though it may not be the birthplace of the dish. Phở are rice noodles, which are thicker than rice vermicelli. They are served in either beef broth or chicken broth (phở bò means beef pho). This hearty dish would not be complete without a large bunch of crunchy spring onions and freshly chopped cilantro on top — according to Vietnamese elders, spring onions are good for your immune system. One place to have good beef pho is at Phở Vui (Happy Pho), which was established about 30 years ago. The place is especially well liked by locals — not just for breakfast, but also for supper.

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Where to find sticky rice in Hanoi
  • Pho Thin, 61 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem only opens in the morning
  • Pho Gia Truyen, 49 Bat Dan, Hanoi – go there around 6am. They should close around 9am or earlier if they finished.

Sticky rice – Xoi xeo

Vietnamese love eating rice, just like the rest of Asia. And sticky rice is another of their favorite breakfast dishes, among the amazing foods in Hanoi. It can’t be missed! People not only eat it in special occasion like Tet holiday but also in daily life, as a common dish for breakfast. Xoi xeo, especially, is one of Hanoians favorite breakfasts, whether they are CEOs of a company or university students.

What to Eat in Hanoi Vietnam in The Breakfast? 2
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Where to find sticky rice in Hanoi
  • Xoi xeo chi May

Address 1: T-junction of Hang Bai st. And Vong Duc s.t, right in front of Uu Dam vegetarian at 34 Hang Bai st., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Address 2: The corner at the crossroads of Hang Bai and Ly Thuong Kiet st., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Price: 10.000 – 15.000 VND
Opening hours: 6am – 10am
  • Xoi xeo 44 Hang Hom

Address:  44 Hang Hom St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Opening hours: 6am – 8am

Bún riêu

It will be a huge mistake to leave out bun rieu from this breakfast list. Vietnamese noodle dishes are always loved. Bun rieu isn’t an exception. Bún (rice vermicelli) complements shellfish wonderfully — it is eaten with both ốc (freshwater snails), and riêu (minced freshwater mini crabs). Similar to bún ốc, bún riêu is served with fried tofu and sometimes, even thinly sliced beef fillets.

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Where to find Bún Riêu in Hanoi
  • Bun rieu Hong Phuc

Address: 22 Hong Phuc St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Price: 35.000VND
Opening hours: 8am – 10pm
  • Bun rieu Trieu Viet Vuong

Address: 159 Trieu Viet Vuong St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
Price: 35.000 VND
Opening hours: 9am – 6pm
  • Bun rieu Hang Bac

Address: 11 Hang Bac St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Price: 25.000 VND
Opening hours: 6am – 6pm

Pyramidal dumpling – Banh gio

When it comes to Hanoi street food, pyramidal dumpling (banh gio) is one of the highlights. The cake is in a pyramid shape, made of pure non-glutinous rice and broth. Fillings are minced pork, wood ear mushroom, and onions. On the outside, the cake is covered in a banana leaf which gives the dumpling a greenish color and a very leafy taste. After boiling for about 45-60 mins, the cakes will be taken out and put into a basket that is covered by a thick fabric. That’s to keep the cakes hot and to enhance the taste. Pyramidal dumplings are served with pickled cucumber, chili sauce, and soy sauce. To be honest, the cake doesn’t look super appetizing at first glance, but we wouldn’t mention it on this list if it wasn’t delicious. Trust me!

    What to Eat in Hanoi Vietnam in The Breakfast? 4
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    Where to find Pyrammidal dumpling in Hanoi
    • Banh gio Thuy Khue

    Address: 3 Thuy Khue st., Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
    Price: 25.000 VND
    Opening hours: 6am – 9pm
    • Banh gio Nguyen Cong Tru

    Address: Nguyen Cong Tru st. (in a local market alley), Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
    Price: 15.000 – 33.000 VND
    Opening hours: 3pm – 10.30pm
    • Banh gio Dao Duy Tu

    Address: 16 Dao Duy Tu st., Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi
    Price: 12.000 – 30.000 VND
    Opening hours: 6.30am – 5pm

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