What is Ta Van Village in Sapa?

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Ta Van village is hidden in the foggy cloud, far away from Sapa busy streets. All its nature beauty are well reserved by over 110 households living in this village. Though you can definitely to get there and back in a day, many choose to stay overnight at the homestay in Ta Van village to fully experience a day with the minorities groups culture other than H’mong, one of the most popular minorities group in Sapa region.

How to travel from Sapa to Ta Van village?

If you are from Cat Ba town, you can go to Ta Van village, take some car or drive car (7 - 16 seats). On the way down Ta Van, you will go through Lao Chai village where Sapa ancient rock.

What is Ta Van Village in Sapa?
Photo by Pedro Alonso
Ta Van is home to the Mong and Red Dzao tribes, including the Giay. In general, the cultural identity of the Mong and Dao is very mysterious, waiting for you to discover if there is more time, or not, then just a stroll, take a scenic stroll and take photos to capture the picture is enough . It is better to use homestay services at Ta Van village. The scenery is beautiful, the blooming cherry blossom and the step by step sequence of terraces will make you really excited.

From small town Sapa, you go through the Church Stone and then turn down Cau May Sapa, then turn to Muong Hoa. These are the two most crowded streets, gathering tourists and Mong people from other villages to sell. Leave Muong Hoa street, go straight to Lao Chai and Ta Van (follow the Muong Hoa stream). It takes about 1-2 hours to arrive. The distance from Sapa town to Lao Chai commune is 8 km. From the brush to go further 4 km to Ta Van.

The experience in Homestay Ta Van

Being far from the center of Sapa has the benefit of its own. Unlike Cat Cat, which is located nearer to the city, Ta Van still is untouched. The fresh air, quietness, and peaceful scenery make any visitors who come to Ta Van Village would treasure the time being here.

Life in Ta Van Village doesn’t get much affected by the booming tourism service in the recent year. The minorities group would go on with their everyday activities as if nothing has happened. Some seldomly get shy to start the conversation with the tourists, making the homestay services in Ta Van special. You get to truly enjoy a day as a part of the real minority group.

What is Ta Van Village in Sapa? 1
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Houses here are built along the slope of the rice paddy terrace fields, and are made out of wood entirely. The view from these houses is simply stunning. Anyone who decides to stay overnight here will be speechless to wake up with such an amazing view, a view that you won’t never ever see in your daily city life.

Despite the fact that electricity has been in the village for less than the decade, the people here doesn’t heavily rely on it. They go farming at dawn, and get back home at sunset. The village can actually get really quiet during the day, and becomes exceedingly crowded with all sort of entertaining at night. The people in Ta Van Village would gather together and do their usual nightly musical show routine to celebrate a whole day of hard working. There will be traditional fan dancing, bamboo dancing, multi bamboo flute dancing, etc.,  all are dancing around the huge camp fire.

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