Vietnam belongs the top 5 trending destinations for summer 2018

Nga Do
Winter is for working hard, summer is for playing hard. From the beachs, islands to ancient ruins, we pulled down the 5 most appealing summer vacation spots for you.

Vietnam belongs the top 5 trending destinations for summer 2018
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Emerald waters and islands

Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with a unique heritage, where travel quickly becomes addictive.


From Temples to Tomb Raider

The traveller’s first glimpse of Angkor Wat, the ultimate expression of Khmer genius, is sublime and is matched by only a few select spots on earth, such as Machu Picchu or Petra.


Island of the Gods

Bali is known as the Island of the Gods for a reason. It’s one of 17,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, yet even among its colorful neighbors—and even after decades of tourism development—it stands alone in its incomparable beauty.


Holy ground for clubbers

Ibiza boasts more than 100 miles of coastline with some 50 beaches, plus plenty of restaurants, bars, and water sports—and clubs, of course.


Home of Ancient Ruins

This country is so rich in culture and beauty that it never seems to be fully explored, no matter how many times you come for holidays.

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