Have you ever known about Phu Quoc - the "emerald paradise" in Vietnam?

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Phu Quoc island ranked on the top of the most beautiful Asia islands.

This peaceful tropical paradise, floats in the warm turquoise waters in the Gulf of Thailand, 50kms from the Vietnamese mainland. Just around one-hour-flying from Saigon and 3-hour-flying from Hanoi, Phu Quoc island is the destination that foreign visitors should come during their staycations in Vietnam. 

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Open year round with a peak season from November to March, Phu Quoc is becoming well known for stunning beaches, untouched natural environment, the easy going and relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling. The majority of Phu Quoc Island is dedicated to National Park and protected marine environment, providing a memorable experience, with plenty of exciting activities and places to visit to keep you and the family entertained during your stay.

If you are looking for white sand, coconut trees, emerald water and tropical forest, Phu Quoc Island may be the perfect venue for you. Located in Southern Vietnam, it is best-known for its delicious black pepper and its fish sauce (nuoc mam), the latter being one of the best in Vietnam. Outdoor activities are also available at the island such as diving and kayaking. It is also a nice spot to eat fresh seafood. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, the island is accessible by boat or plane.

Sao Beach is a long white powdery sand beach located in the western part of the island. Fringed with palm trees, it recalls Robinson Crusoe’s beach setting. As most parts of the island, it is still prevented from mass tourism. If you are a beach lover, Sao Beach is a perfect venue to chill out, bathe in the ocean and enjoy a refreshing drink.

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One of the main activities in Phu Quoc is pearl farming: several pearl farms have been set up on the island that you may visit. As a consequence, there are a lot of jewelry shops selling mostly pearl-made jewels. For that matter, Duong Dong stands as the main city. Because of this specific activity, Phu Quoc is dubbed “Pearl Island.” Besides, the place is well-known for its fish sauce (nuoc mam) that is said to be the best in the country. The island produces 8 million liters a year. Fish sauce factories can be visited. Phu Quoc is also noted for its pepper gardens. Because of iodized breeze, hand-made harvesting and long sun-drying, Phu Quoc’s pepper has a unique taste. It complements any kind of seafood that one may find everywhere on the island.

Phu Quoc’s seabed is wonderful and offers a great scope for both diving and snorkeling. Do not miss its reefs and corals, and its abundant fauna comprising sharks and spotted eagle rays. You will also have the chance to cruise or fish, and especially squid-fishing which is a very valued activity. Squid fishing happens at nighttime and thus offers a beautiful light show.

The best time of the year to visit Phu Quoc may surely be between November and April which coincides with the dry season: very little rain and shining sun. The dry season is also the best time to go diving (you may prefer from December to March). Wet season comes up around May and lasts until October, a month during which the weather is quite rainy. Whatever you prefer, Phu Quoc Island will not disappoint you.

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