5 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion in Vietnam

Nga Do
Picking the right spot for a family reunion can be as challenging because the age of each member of the family is much different or a safe destination, ... a lot of different reasons. So we offer some of the favorite destinations based on the wide choice of visitors.

#1 Halong Bay

Halong bay is always the first choice. Ha Long Bay, located in the northeastern of Vietnam is a promising destination which will give you different and special experience.

5 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion in Vietnam
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Here, you can choose to have an overnight cruise and the itinerary of your cruise is differently arranged.  However, all activities arranged by the cruise are on a shared basis and all are suitable for tourists from children to old people. As a sight-seeing tour, there are usually some beautifully mysterious caves, fishing villages and limestone islands for you to discover such as Thien Canh Son cave, Vung Vieng village. To be more active, travellers will be offered also kayaking and swimming excursions to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature here. The cruise includes as well many other activities on boat such as cooking class, yoga, karaoke or simply a night enjoying the tranquil view on the top of the boat.

#2: Sapa

5 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion in Vietnam 1
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Also located in the favorite destination for family vacations. I think it's a excellent destination. In early morning, everything is covered with white fog, it becomes magically. It is the only where in Vietnam you can see the snow, in the winter. It's also the only where you can look at the heaven gate, the highest in Vietnam it is. You can explore the wonderful landscape here through vivid images such as terraced fields, hills, many strange animals.... You also discover the customs of the ethnics here, it is certain make you surprise. However, when taking part in exploring Sapa for the family, you should choose easy trekking trips to ensure the health of all members of your family. There are also many youngsters or old people who have joined in those journeys and they feel very excited.

#3: Mai Chau

Mai Chau, which is about 140km to the Southwest of Hanoi, is a valley set in the stunningly beautiful and mountainous area. It is highly recommended that you and your family take a little escape from the touristy hubs and pristine beaches to explore a new type of travel. The unspoiled beauties of this mountainous are will not let you down.

5 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion in Vietnam 2
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During the trip, you can go trekking or cycling to enjoy fruitfully the picturesque valleys and rice paddy terraces. Some other activities suggested include visiting some alluring caves, some local villages and staying in some stilt houses to try the buffalo meat and traditional rice wine made by the friendly local people. What could be more cordial and meaningful? This is a chance for you to take an insight into the life of Vietnam’s indigenous ethnic minority groups as well.

#4: Hoi An

Move a little up to the central part of Vietnam, the first of the best destinations to be mentioned is Hoi An. This ancient town can be a good place to enjoy tranquil moment with your family in the beauty.

5 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion in Vietnam 3
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It’s suggested that you visit the tailors, the beaches and temples, go shopping and of course take a food tour around the old town. A cruise on boat along Thu Bon river at night to enjoy the brightly colorful floating lanterns is a nice experience one should gain in Hoi An. Especially, each family in the old quarter holds a lantern in front of their home to celebrate the fullmoon every month on the 15th day in the lunar calender. This is children’s most interesting and worth-waiting activity.

#5: Nha Trang

5 Unexpected Places for a Family Reunion in Vietnam 4
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If your family is a fan of beach, Nha Trang is great destinations. Located on the south central coast of Vietnam, is considered as the pearl of the ocean queen’s crown. Such beaches full of sunshine and fresh tasty seafood and famous bird’s nest soup are indispensable destinations in any family trip.

Nha Trang offers endless white sandy beaches with peacefully calm waves. Besides, it provides visitors loads of tourist activities, suitable for both adults and children. Island hopping, scuba diving, flyboarding, water skiing and other sporting activities can be enjoyed in the city.

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