The secret has never been revealed about Ba Be Lake

Nga Do
Who once came to Ba Be are not surprised from the wonder of the poetic and mysterious beauty of a mountain lake. However, no one can explain clearly why the limestone mountain boulders have a vast water longer than 8km here.

According to legend, the Cataclysm is the punishment of the Spirit for the decadence and cruelty of mankind. In the great event that most people are destroyed, only very few good people are saved. In Vietnam, the accumulation of Ba Be Lake is also related to the punishment of humans through the cataclysm.

The secret has never been revealed about Ba Be Lake
Photo by Pilip
"In the past, in the area of Bac Kan, Nam Mau villagers each year held a large Buddhist worship ceremony, called the Vo Gia ceremony. The people in the area returned very much.  One day, an old lady came to the village to beg. Lady clothes are ragged, tattered. Lady smells bad, very uncomfortable, causing people to shun.

The old lady went begging every where but where to go the old woman was driven away, people are afraid of her leprosy. However, some people are pitying. It was a widow, with her son. She was not disgusted, asked her to enter the house to eat enough. Then, willing to let the old lady sleep by night, in the corner of the granary, in the tent.

At midnight, the mother and son suddenly wake up, hear the loud rumbling noise from the rice barn. Opening the barn door, there was no old lady, but a big water monster, bending like a thundercloth, headstretched to the bed. The mother came out, fearful, afraid, can not sleep anymore. In the morning, saw the old lady come out from the barn, said:

The secret has never been revealed about Ba Be Lake 1
Photo by Pilip
I'm not really human, I'm a water monster, just pretending to be a beggar to testify to the charity of the male and female believers to the Nam Mau village. Everyone was chasing me, except her and her son. They are the Buddha's mind, the inevitable punishment of the superior has entrusted me to execute, it is a great flood. I give her  and her children wrap this package ash around the house to avoid this tribulation. The two piece of rice husk will help her save people.

Finished speaking, the old woman disappears. The next day, while everyone was jostling for the Buddhist ceremony in the middle of the village, suddenly there was a broken water pipe and flooding the village. People climb the roof, climb the tree. But the water filled up forever, flooded both the roofs and tall trees. Everyone was dying, except for the mother and her widow because of the rising water, her land was raised more, she released two pieces of rice husk shell immediately turned into two boats. Despite the heavy rain, the mother and son rowing boat to save people. "

The mother and her son were widowed thanks to two pieces of rice hulls, despite the heavy rains that sailed the boat to pick up everyone, then escaped to a mountain. There, they built a small house to live. This place, later became a crowded village, and today is still called Nam Mau village.

The valley filled with water is transformed into 3 huge lakes like the sea, so it is called Ba Be Lake. Water in the three lakes are interconnected, but boats can not travel from lake to lake, because of large dams blocking. The lake is wide, the water is as green jade, prominent amidst majestic mountains. In the middle of the lake is a small island, the locals call it the Widow's mound.

Ba Be lake now is located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, about 220 km from Hanoi. Local people call Ba Be is Slam Pé, meaning three lakes. The name is derived from the lake is the confluence of three branches of the Pé Lầm, Pé Lù, Pé Lèng. Ba Be Lake is 500 ha wide, has an average depth of 17-23m, the bottom of the lake is covered with a layer of clay 200m thick . Ba Be is one of the 20 largest freshwater lakes in the world.

Visit Ba Be Lake with local guides to understand more deeply and see the artifacts in front of you, you can refer to the journey in Ba Be Lake at:

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