Thung Nai, Hoa Binh - Ideal destination for family weekend

Nga Do
Do not worry if you have not picked your destination for your family on weekends. Thung Nai, Hoa Binh is an ideal destination for our family. If you have ever heard of Thung Nai on the media, it makes no surprise that you will be enchanted by the charming beauty that is considerd as Ha Long Bay on land. With the perfect combination of mountains, islands and lakes, Thung Nai has a poetic beauty and bring tourists with relaxed moments.

Located in Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, just about 110km north-east of Hanoi center, Thung Nai is a popular destination for weekend retreat. Once upon a time, Thung Nai was a great valley covered by the vast forest, which is home to numerous deer. Hence, the local people call it “Thung Nai” means “the Valley of deer”. Since the 1980s when the Da River hydropower plant was constructed, Thung Nai has become a huge lake containing the water served for the operation of this hydropower plant. All initial surrounding high mountains become floating green islands and create poetic and magnificent scenery which can enchant any tourist.

Being the perfect combination of lakes and rocks, Thac Bo cave is the destination not to be missed in Thung Nai. The cave is located deep inside the mountain and quite wild, but the inside scenery is extremely beautiful. The “forest” of stalactites grow from the ground and fall down from the ceiling with strange shapes. After rising water season, visitors can enjoy the fish swimming around in shallow, clear water. 

An interesting thing here is that when the Black River is shallow, visitors have to climb up the stone steps, and therefore people sometimes get tired or falter. However, in flooding season, water rises and covers the steps, tourists can visit Thac Bo temple near Thac Bo cave by boat. If you go on Sunday, do not forget to visit Thac Bo floating market. The market is not too noisy or crowded, but it is the typical culture of Muong people in Thung Nai.

Following the journey of the boat, you will encounter a tall windmill on the small island which attracts anyone’s gaze passing by. This is like the call of holiday cottages in the middle of the lake. Therefore, even travelling within a day or stay overnight, most tourists coming to Thung Nai want to visit this small island to see firsthand the windmill which seems to be only in the Netherlands, or in the famous novel “Don Quixote – the talented nobleman in Manta”.

Not only fancy, the windmill here also owns the beautiful location to see the sight. From here, you can freely zoom your eyes, capture the whole ink painting picture of Thung Nai in sight. If visiting the windmill in the early morning, you will find Thung Nai engulfed in mist, when the sun rises, the clear blue lake is sparkling with yellow of the sunlight.

In addition to unspoiled natural scenery, the special feasts of Muong people have become highlights of Thung Nai. They are the fish caught from spring, chicken raised in hills and wild vegetables…. Look for other unique destinations in Vietnam at:

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